Food photo collage of peta2 vegan recipesSo you know that peta2 has a ton of kick-ass recipes for you to scope out, but what if you want to branch out?

Navigating the vast amount of vegan recipes online can be a bit intimidating, with ingredients like cashew cream, kelp flakes, carob nibs, xylitol, arrowroot powder, xanthan gum … wha?!?

“Wasn’t going vegan supposed to be fun?” you might think. “I’m never gonna find this stuff!” you say, as you throw your hands up in despair.

Well, kick that negative thinking to the curb, baby birds, cuz we got the 411 on some of the best vegan recipe sites out there to let you safely spread your wings and fly into the wondrous world of vegan cooking.

Check out these fab sites full of recipes made with simple ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen:


Heavy Metal Vegan Cooking

The videos are part sketch comedy, part cooking show, and allll metal! Laugh along as host Tim shows you how to make bombass, animal-friendly food while rocking out: m/ Hail, seitan!!! m/

Heavy Metal Vegan Cooking logo Tim collage


Chocolate Covered Katie

Does the name not say it all? Chocolate deliciousness with … surprise! A healthy twist! Sure, she might throw an odd ingredient in here or there, but there’s usually an everyday pantry staple that you can replace it with. How she manages to stay so thin with all these yummy treats she posts—no matter how “healthy” they are—is a mystery to us!

ChocolateCoveredKatie vegan dessert photo collage

The Vegan Zombie

Perhaps the dreamiest of vegan cooking show hosts, John (aka “The Vegan Zombie”) talks post-zombie apocalypse recipes that are easy, tasty, and zombie-proof! The Vegan Zombie is hilarious, fun, and extra-yummy, and he’s even made some guest appearances on peta2’s site.
Bonus: Make sure you check out the site’s product reviews and fan Q&A’s for more tips.

The Vegan Zombie vegan recipes food collage

The Vegan Stoner

With highlarious illustrations paired with super-easy instructions and ingredients that you can actually pronounce, this site has the cure for any munchies that come your way.
Note: We peta2 peeps enjoy these recipes without altering our minds at all, and we bet you will, too!

The vegan Stoner vegan recipe food collage

Chef Chloe

We ♥ her! No secret here, Chloe rocks our world. Whether it’s her vegan thin mints, her avocado fettuccini, or just her sparkling personality, Chloe makes you feel like her bff, and her recipes are so easy that you’ll want to share them with your friends, too!

Chef Chloe vegan food book collage

The Post Punk Kitchen (PPK)

The name Isa Chandra Moskowitz is practically synonymous with vegan cooking. She has authored and coauthored numerous books, including faves like Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World and the classic Vegan With a Vengeance. Originally a NYC-based vegan cooking show, PPK recipes will wow vegans and meat-lovers alike (trust—even our vegan-bashing smart aleck siblings are fans!).

Isa Chandra Moskowitz Post Punk Kitchen vegan food collage
Voila! Easy peasy! Happy eating, vegan friends 🙂

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