We know how awesome you guys are (I mean, you’re reading this, so you MUST be). So awesome in fact that we’ve been receiving pics of some beautiful animal rights tattoos for years now. It makes sense: Animal rights activists are bold and passionate, so they want their bodies to express just that.

Check out some of our favorite tattoos that you use to get your message across without even opening your mouth:

dont eat me tattoo lamb of god vegan tattoo chained elephant tattoo pig tattoo veg tattoo peta bunny charm tattoo veg tattoo go veg tattoo vegan tattoo peta cruelty-free bunny tattoo animal rights tattoo animal liberation tattoo killing friendly chickens tattoo vegan tattoos sea kitten tattoo flying pig ahimsa tattoo animal lib tattoo AR tattoo vegan tattoo

Pretty rad, right?! Want to spread an animal rights message without ink? Just join peta2!

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