We (the millennials and Gen Z’ers of the world) are getting a lot of side-eye from our elders for our avocado toast obsession. They say it’s an example of how bad we are with money since we pay for it at restaurants even though it often costs upwards of $15. I think they’re just salty because they didn’t think of it first.

BUT they do have a point—it’s a little ridiculous to spend so much money on such a simple (though delicious) dish. So here’s a list of fancy vegan avocado toast variations that you can make for super-cheap at home.


Starting simple, we have your basic avocado toast. Obviously, you’ll choose some kind of vegan bread—Ezekiel is my favorite since it’s made from sprouted grains and legumes. Yay, health!

Salt ‘n’ Pepper

Some say don’t fix what ain’t broke, but I say, phooey—let’s go bigger and add salt and pepper.

I didn’t believe people when they told me that such a simple addition could make such a big difference in the avocado toast game, but they were right. Use truffle salt for an out-of-body experience.


Now we separate the weak from the strong: Add hot sauce.

It can be whichever kind you prefer, as long as it has no animal parts in it. My recommendations, in preferential order, are Tapatío, Frank’s RedHot, Cholula, and any Sriracha.


If you’re confused by the concept of bougie avocado toast, then you’ve never had this variation.


Start with the salt ‘n’ pepper version, then add tomatoes (ideally heirloom), balsamic vinegar, olive oil and basil. Serve this at a dinner party and you’ll fool people into thinking you don’t eat ramen for almost every meal.

Arugula and Some Other Stuff

To your basic avocado toast, add salt, arugula, pine nuts, and lemon juice. Why? Why not?

Veggie Bacon and Tofu Scramble

Add vegan bacon to avocado toast with tofu scramble on top. Breakfast will never be the same.


Mexican Style

Avocado toast with grilled corn, cilantro, and pico de gallo or salsa is everything you’d imagine it to be—and more.

Chili Flakes and Pistachios

Sometimes you just need a little spicy-sweet combo in your life.

Baguette or Ciabatta

Because who said it has to be regular toast?

Japanese Furikake Inspiration—Without the Cruelty

For a Japanese twist, add sesame seeds, chopped dried nori, sugar, and salt to your avocado toast. But hold the fish flakes—fish are friends, not food. Add wasabi if you dare.

So there you have it—all the fanciest avocado toast you could ever imagine without hurting any animals or dropping major?? on it.