If the term “vegan dessert” makes you think of a stale oatmeal raisin cookie, you’ve got the wrong idea, my friend! In fact, these vegan desserts are so beautiful that it’s dangerous to look at them. That’s why we’d like to start with this warning: TRUE BEAUTY AHEAD. Not only are these desserts magnificent, they were also made without ANY cruelty! What could be lovelier than that? 

Anyone else feel like they’re in the ocean? What even is that shiny ball thing? It looks like a magical orb from a mystical land! 


These doughnuts are like little circles of perfection.

How are they all so perfectly symmetrical? HOW?! 

This one is dedicated to anyone who tries to claim that “vegans only eat salads.” 😋

Yes, vegans love chocolate just as much as YOU do!

Just looking at this makes my tummy smile.

Cupcake overload! 

Shocked that all of these are vegan?? There’s still more to come!

Have you ever put ice cream in fluffy choco-brioches? Today I have tried this for the first time and they are really incredible. Today the ice cream is store-bought and I have chosen my most favorite one: Double Nut from @das_eis_ . Vegan, organic and allaround perfect. ? // Avez-vous jamais mis de la glace dans des choco-brioches? Aujourd'hui, j’ai essayé cette création pour la première fois et elles sont vraiment incroyables. Aujourd'hui, j’ai acheté la glace et j'ai choisi mon saveur favori: Double Nut de @das_eis_ . Végétal, bio et completement parfait. ? #vegan #vegetal #veganfoodlovers #veganlove #veganblogger #vegansofinstagram #veganyum #bestofvegan #veganfoodshare #vegandessert #eatbetter #whatveganseat #vegansweets #brioche #icecream #glace #icecreamsandwich #eisliebe #organic #brigittebach #veganedessertträume #feedfeed @thefeedfeed

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Yup, vegan whipped cream is a thing.

Um … cut me a piece. 

Well hello there, beautiful little friend! 

Tiny desserts just make me smile.


Case in point!

Who knew that a dessert in a mug could be so damn cute?

Vegan Choc Mug Cake 1/2 cup organic rolled oats, processed into flour in a blender or food processor 1/2 organic banana, roughly mashed 1 tbsp (raw) cocoa powder 1 tbsp ground flax mixed with 3 tbsp water (let set for 10 minutes) 1/4 cup alkond milk a pinch of sea salt For variation add; chopped nuts and/or a few drops of vanilla. If you want a sweeter mug cake you can add coconut nectar/agave nectar or sweetener of your choice but it works great without it too. Add everything in a bowl and blend/mix well with a fork. Put the batter in a big cup or a bowl and microwave (full effect) for about 2 to 2.5 minutes. (Mug Cake took 2 minutes and 20 seconds.) Check the cake with a stick after 2 minutes since all microwaves are different and need different time. You can top with some peanut butter and dark chocolate, strawberry ..Mmmmm, enjoy! #mugcake #chocolate #vegan #vegansofig #vegetarian #pescaterian #fitspo #mindbodySoul #wholefoodpantry #organic #glutenfree #dairyFree #healthymeals #snacks #dinner #dessert #food #wholefoods #cleaneating #cleanliving #health #vegandessert #dessert #food

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BRB … crying.

Are you an angel?


Cookie dough + cupcakes + vegan = perfection 


Who DOESN’T love rice crispy treats?

Jumbo Swiss chocolate-encased Rice Krispie treats! Yum! The soft serve this weekend is peanut butter and brownie batter!

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Vegan buns warm enough to melt any black heart.

They’re almost (almost!!) too pretty to eat.

Rose and pistachio mousse cakes by @foodfixup

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Sigh … if only it were legal to marry a dessert.

The more chocolate, the better!

By looking at this cake, it seems pretty safe to say that vegans aren’t “deprived” of anything.

Let’s just end on this.


Clearly, vegans aren’t missing out on delicious, gorgeous treats! In addition to eating something yummy, every time you choose a vegan dessert, you’re saving animals from horrific suffering. Male chicks in the egg industry are considered worthless and often ground up alive. Female chicks’ beaks are partially cut off, and they spend their short lives crammed into tiny cages with other hens.

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