peta2 is the best place to go for easy, tasty vegan recipes, but have you ever wondered which ones are THE best?

“Yeah,” you’re thinking. “I’m crazy-overwhelmed with all the YUMMY recipes you post!” Namaste, young grasshopper. Start here.

These are the nine most popular recipe pages that peta2 readers are always looking at, sharing, and searching for. Get hungry!

Breakfast of Vegan Champions


Very few of us are “morning people” (*stares guiltily at shoes*), so bagels and cream cheese are a morning necessity for us sleepyheads—right up there with vegan lattes. Trust: You do NOT want to see us before we’ve had our morning noms.

This easy vegan cream cheese recipe will make your tummy (and your wallet) happy. Now leave us alone. We’re hitting the snooze button again. JK … kinda.



Easy Ramen Hacks Every Vegan NEEDS

vegan chili cheese ramen recipe diy

Ramen noodles are practically perfect on their own, but sometimes we feel like being fancy.



Mug + Microwave = Dinner

dat muglife doe

And sometimes we feel extra lazy. That’s where these super-easy mug recipes come in. We can make mac ‘n’ cheese, brownies, AND rice and beans all in a mug? Yes, please!



Buffalo Cauliflower

vegan buffalo wings

Because chickens need their wings to live—we don’t!

Ditch the cruelty with this surprisingly addictive Buffalo Cauliflower recipe instead. Oh, and if buffalo actually did have wings, we wouldn’t eat them, either. #gross



Takeout Tastes at Home

peta2 easy pad thai recipe

We *might* eat so many noodles that we’re on a first-name basis with Sam, our Thai restaurant delivery dude. But on those fancy date nights with Ryan Gosling (*cough, cough* watching him on Netflix *cough, cough*), we like to impress RyRy with some homemade vegan grub. He can totes tell through the screen. Just don’t tell Sam.



Peanut Butter Mousse … #NOM

Vegan peanut butter mousse

Is there anything better than dessert? Um, yeah, remember we were just talking about Ryan Gosling? OK, fine. There isn’t much that’s better than dessert—so give us some of this PB mousse now, please!



Vegans Sammies

Fancy Sammie, yaas

Up your sandwich game with these yummy recipes. Because boring PB&Js are for chumps.

(JK, we still love PB&Js, too!)



5-Minute 5-Layer Bean Dip

Layered Bean Dip

Wanna make this even easier? Buy all your veggies pre-chopped, and BAM! You’ve turned this into three-minute, lazy person-approved bean dip! You’re welcome. 🙂



‘Cheesy’ Vegan Nachos


So you’ve signed a gazillion petitions to save animals, turned all your friends vegan, and got your school cafeteria to start serving veggie burgers? Time to reward your hard work with some delish, ooey-gooey “cheesy” nachos. Yeah, vegan nacho cheese is a thing, and it’s uhhh-freakin’-mazing! *hearts and glitter*


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