People ask us whether bread is vegan a lot. The short answer: Usually, yes! But you’ll want to check the label to be sure. We recommend that you check for nonvegan ingredients such as eggs, butter, cow’s milk, whey, casein, and honey.

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Vegan English muffins, bagels, sandwich bread, flatbread, buns, rolls, pizza dough, and baguettes can be found in most grocery stores. Keep a close eye on soft, enriched breads, like brioche or challah, which are more likely to be made with eggs or butter. 


People also often ask if yeast is vegan. The answer is yes! Yeast is everywhere—in your body and in the air—and it’s not derived from animals.

Confusing Ingredient Names

If you want to be sure of exactly what’s in your bread, you can buy simple, natural breads made with just a few ingredients. But don’t worry if you see crazy-looking words on the label that you don’t recognize (or even know how to pronounce). Being vegan isn’t about being “pure”—it’s about doing the best you can to save as many animals as possible and making positive changes, so don’t obsess over micro-ingredients

So now that you know, get some vegan bread, make a sandwich, and put some Sriracha on it—because yeah, that’s vegan, too!