The start of Hanukkah—also known as “The Festival of Lights”— is right around the corner, and peta2 wants to make sure that this year (and every year!), you remember to celebrate Hanukkah compassionately!

hanukkah menorah
Photo by: skpy | CC by 2.0 

Did you know that Jewish tradition places importance on treating animals with compassion? It’s true! The Jewish concept of tsa’ar ba’alei chayim even explains that humans should never cause animals pain, as all animals feel pain, have the capacity to love and suffer, have families and friends of their own, and deserve to be treated with kindness.

So, want to make your Hanukkah meaningful and compassionate? Check out these three super-easy tips:

  1. When lighting the candles, be sure the menorah is in a secure place and away from young children and animals. You don’t want those candles to blow out like a birthday cake, right? Right! Try lighting the bottom of the candles, too. (They’ll stick to the menorah better!)
  2. Food is the center of most holidays, and you should never have to compromise your beliefs, because guess what? You can celebrate Hanukkah with yummy vegan food! Sadly, most compassionate Jewish people don’t realize that the way animals are treated on farms today actually violates Jewish teachings. Visit for more info and also be sure to check out PETA’s Hanukkah Recipe Round-Up for lots of delish, vegan Hanukkah recipes to share with your family this year!
  3. Don’t forget to invite your friends over to celebrate with you! Warm up with delicious matzo ball soup with family and friends and enjoy a game of dreidel. And did someone say “vegan gelt“?!

Shalom aleikhem! 🙂

Comment below to let us know how you’re spending your Hanukkah!