… I wanted to create a line of bowties that was the perfect combination of elegance and style without setting aside my ideals, which are animal liberation and respect for all living beings. —Mario Hurtado

mario hurtado

That was the thought that inspired animal rights activist Mario Hurtado to create his own fashion label, Riot Bow Ties. Mario, who had been an animal rights activist for years in Mexico, decided that he wanted to combine two of his biggest passions in life—fashion and animal rights—by creating a cruelty-free line of handmade bow ties.

mario hurtado before and after

Mario Hurtado: From activist to designer

Mario’s brand, successful in both Mexico and the U.S., proves that you don’t need to wear the skin of a dead animal to be fashionable.

The bow ties come in a range of designs and materials. Some feature studs, vegan leather, and even faux exotic skins. There’s something to fit everyone’s style, and they’re perfect for both boys and girls!

cruelty free bow ties

… if you put your heart into something and do it for a just cause, success will follow. —Mario Hurtado