Calling all my crazy cat lovers! You’ve seen those cute, trendy cat-ear headbands around, right? As soon as I spotted them, I fell in love, and I knew that I needed to start sporting them on the regular. Even better, I found out there’s no need to go out and buy them ’cause they are super-easy to make yourself! Let’s get crafty:

diy cat ear headband supplies

Supply checklist:

  • Glue gun (and/or super glue)
  • Wire cutter: I got mine in the jewelry-making section of a craft store. They’re inexpensive, and it beats spending an hour destroying a pair of scissors.
  • Craft wire (thick and thin): You’ll find these in the jewelry-making section of a craft store, too. You’ll need two types: a thicker one (for the ears) and a thinner one (for attaching the ears to the headband). As for the thick wire, the thicker the better! They’ll look sturdier and will hold their shape. For the thinner wire, I’d recommend something around a 22 gauge, which will be easy to work with.
  • Headband: I got this thin metal one at a dollar store!
  • Beads

Step 1:

Using your wire cutter, cut two pieces of the thick craft wire to about five or six inches in length. These will be the ears on your headband, so if you want bigger or smaller ears, you can cut your wire accordingly.

cat ear headband diy

Step 2:

Bend your wire in the middle to form it into a “V” shape. Try to figure out how big, small, wide, or tall you’d like your ears to be. It helps to hold them to up to your headband to try to gauge what they’ll look like.

diy cat ears headband step 2

Step 3:

Bend the ends of the wire inward to form a triangular shape (KITTY EARS!). You can adjust the wire to make your ears bigger or smaller; just be sure that the tips of the wire don’t overlap (if they do, trim them to leave at least a small gap). If you’d like, you can now use a marker to mark the spots on the headband where you’d like your ears to sit.

diy cat ear headband step 3

Step 4:

Now that your ears have taken form, let’s move on to attaching them to the headband. Use your wire cutter to cut a long piece of the thin craft wire.  Starting at one side, attach the ear by wrapping the thin wire around both the thick wire and the headband. If it helps, dab on a little hot glue first to keep the thick wire in place on the headband while you wrap. Wrap it as tightly as you can, and you’ll notice it will feel more and more secure as you make your way along. Repeat the process on the other side of the thick wire ear.

diy cat ear headband step 4

Step 5:

Repeat the wire-wrapping process on the other cat ear. Careful: The tips of the thin wire can be sharp when cut, so take care to either tuck those under some wrapped wire or be sure they aren’t facing in a direction where your head could be scratched. Once you’re done, the ears should feel sturdy and secure. Try ’em on!

diy cat ear headband step 5

Step 6:

Time to bedazzle these babies! Get some beads (I’m using faux-pearl beads here, but the ears would also look cute with some sparkly rhinestones or more colorful beads, too!) and glue them to the front of your ears in whichever design you’d like. I’m using hot glue, but  If you’d like them to stay on more securely, I’d recommend using a stronger, more permanent adhesive such as super glue (be extra-careful with that stuff if you do choose to use it, though—it dries QUICKLY and is CRAZY strong!).

diy cat ear headband step 6

Step 7:

You are DONE! How much do you love ’em? Wear these out anywhere, anytime, and make all your cat-obsessed friends jealous (until they find out they can totally make their own pair, too!).

diy cat ear headband finished

Use your new accessory to spark up a conversation about how much you animals and all the ways you can help them by going vegan, buying cruelty-free products, and joining the peta2!

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