Your dog’s entire LIFE is dedicated to you. He or she wants to be with you every second of the day. We spend as much time with our furry companions as we can, but it’s time to take it a step further. Your dog deserves a whole DAY completely dedicated to him or her. Here’s how to make it happen!

Step 1: Wake up!

Wake up from a night of snuggling with your pooch and take a nice, big, long streeeeeeeetch!

Yogi waking up

Step 2: See if your pup wants to go out!

Ask your buddy if he or she is up for a day on the town. (I think this little guy is ready ….)

Yogi the adventurer

Step 3: Get dressed!

Rain or shine, check that your pup is dressed for the weather.

Yog dressed for the weather

Step 4: Car ride!

Some cuties are finicky travelers. Whether your pal LOVES or LOATHES the car, make sure that he or she is comfortable and secure during the journey.

yog in the car

Step 5: Puppy swag!

Stop at a pet supply store and grab some sweet swag for your best friend! Make sure you avoid stores that SELL animals. Custom dog tags look awesome and will help your li’l pal get home safely if he or she is ever lost.

Taken by PETA staffer

Step 6: Adventure time!

Your buddy wants to get outside and enjoy being a dog! Take your pooch to a park where you can get close to nature. Off-leash dog parks are always fun because they give companion animals a chance to socialize with one another. Just make sure that your friend is safe and stays close to you, especially if he or she is little. (Sometimes, size-specific off-leash areas are available.)

Owned by PETA staffer

Remember: Your adventure should take advantage of your location! Here in California, you can find dog-friendly beaches that give your buddy a chance to dig in the sand! Woo!

Yogi in the sand

Step 7: Break time!

With all that playing, be sure to stop for water and snuggle breaks!

Yogi resting

Step 8: Who’s hungry??

All that activity can make people and their fuzzy best friends hungry! Look for vegan restaurants with outside seating. is a great resource for this. Many places will even provide dogs with water.

Or …

Yogi dining out

… forgo the restaurant and have a picnic outside! Your pup will LOVE this!

Yogi picnic

Step 9: Bath time!

After a day of playing, digging, running, and eating, it’s time for a spa treatment. Many doggy bathing or daycare facilities offer relaxing services for dogs. They can get a warm bath, a blueberry facial (yes, those are a thing!), some soothing paw balm, a nail trim, and much more. Just make sure to insist on being present during the whole thing. Or you can go with a cheaper option and host your own doggy spa at home.

Yogi in the bath

Step 10: Back to bed!

If your dog is like mine, just snuggling up next to you at home is the BEST thing in the world. After a fun-filled day, climb into bed with your buddy and dream of more wonderful doggy days ahead.

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