Mexican vegan here! ? Let me say it loud and clear: MEXICAN FOOD IS THE BEST FOOD. Even better, you don’t have to hurt animals to enjoy all the flavors and dishes that you grew up with, like Mom’s Mexican noodle soup or chilaquiles. Check out just some of our favorite easy vegan Mexican recipes:

‘Cheesy’ Green Chili Tamales

It wouldn’t be a list of Mexican-inspired recipes without tamales.

mexican, mexican food, tamales, tamal

Vegan Chicken Tostadas

I’ll take five. Thanks.

Vegan Chicken Tostada

Classic Vegan Nachos


Seven-Layer Mexican Dip

This is one of my fave peta2 recipes of all time. You have to try it!

vegan seven-layer dip

Spicy Mexican Tofu Scramble

Chorizo con huevos who? This tofu scramble with Soyrizo is all we need.

tofu scramble

Vegan Ceviche

This ceviche pairs well with a tostada or tortilla chips.

ceviche, mexican food, seafood

Jackfruit Carnitas Tacos

Warning: These tacos will make your parents want to go vegan. Just sayin’.



horchata, mexican hot chocolate, drink

Mango-Avocado Salsa

This recipe is perfect if you’re looking for something fresh.

Vegan Churros

Churros = life.

churro, mexican, sweets, treats


If you don’t know what champurrado is, don’t talk to me. JK, it’s Mexican hot chocolate, and you’re going to love it. ❤

mexican, hot chocolate, drink


Such an easy and delicious recipe. Give it a try. 🙂

tacos, mexican, flautas

‘Fish’ Tacos

Yes, vegan fish is a thing, and it’s life changing.


The perfect food. ?

guac, mexican, dip

Magic Flan

What makes this flan magical? You’ll have to try it to find out. ✨

mexican, dessert, mexican food

Sopa de Fideo 

If you didn’t grow up eating Sopa de Fideo, did you even have a childhood?

The amazing thing about being vegan is that you don’t have to sacrifice anything. You get to enjoy all the foods you love without hurting animals. Did you know that each vegan spares the lives of more than 100 animals every year? Start making a difference today.