If you’re planning on hosting or going to a barbecue–or any party–this summer, check out these vegan dishes, which you can prepare super-fast:

Vegan Red Skin Potato Salad

potato salad

How do you say no to a cool potato salad? Potatoes are a bit more filling than other party snacks, but your friends won’t be able to resist this dish, which has just the right amount of vegan-mayo tang.

‘Bacon’-Wrapped Vegan Pigs in a Blanket

franks in a blanket

With a few ingredients and some rolling, you can enjoy these bite-sized snacks. Bonus: You won’t hurt any pigs.

Grilled Tofu Kabobs

veggie tofu kabobs

You know summer is near when you think BBQ. Pop these kabobs on the grill for a bit, and you’ll have set the theme for the party.

Chocolate-Covered Peanut Butter-Stuffed Cookies

Chocolate-peanut butter cookies smothered in more chocolate. Is this real life?! 😍


 Cranberry Salsa

cranberry salsa

What party is complete without salsa? Satisfy both your sweet and savory tooth with this appetizer.

Cruelty-Free Queso

cruelty-free queso

Need more dip in your life? Try this nutty “cheese” dip—without harming any cows.

Peanut Butter Rice Crispy Treats

peanut rice crispy

If you’re looking for a rich treat, try making these classics with a peanut butter twist.

Vegan Italian Sausages

vegan sausage

Whitney Calk 

Nothing says “I’m grillin’ out” like a good old-fashioned sausage on a bun. I’m talking about scrumptious, cruelty-free hot dogs.

Spicy Buffalo Cauliflower ‘Wings’

buffalo califlower

Warning: These cauliflower munchies are not for the faint of heart. They’re yummy, but they pack some good heat. Be sure to have some water on hand for your friends.

Watermelon Lemonade

watermelon lemonade

Stay hydrated with this refreshing staple. Double points if you recycle the watermelon and use it as a punchbowl.

‘Cheesy’ Vegan Sausage Balls

vegan sausage balls

These bite-sized noms are great for chatting with friends and guests without getting your fingers greasy.

Vegan Ribs and Corn on the Cob

vegan ribs and corn

More BBQ treats: Get ready to get your hands dirty with these delicious savory favorites. Be sure to have napkins ready.

Vegan Onion Dip

onion dip

There can never be too much dip, IMHO. Great with chips, this dish will be a hit with your friends.

Tofurky and ‘Cheese’ Roll-Ups

tofurky roll up

These delicious treats are like finger sandwiches but rolled up. Super-yummy and extra-neat, these guys are an easy grab-and-go for the night.

BBQ ‘Chicken’

BBQ Chick'nA classic!

Vegan Burrito-in-a-Cup

burrito in a cup

The colorful layers in this tasty snack will trick your guests into thinking you put a lot more time into this dish than you actually did. Kinda like a salad, but with a burrito filling, these are perfect for hungry friends looking for a fuller bite.

Strawberry ‘Cheesecake’ Bites

strawberry cheesecake bites

Ready for an easy dessert? These “cream cheese”–stuffed strawberries are just right for an Instagram shot, and they pop right into your mouth.

Vegan Cheese-Stuffed Burger

The mother of all BBQ recipes.

There’s no better way to celebrate your big day with yummy vegan eats—all while helping animals! 🙂

For more super-easy vegan recipes, order PETA’s Vegan College Cookbook.

peta's vegan college cookbook overhead