An eye-catching photo of a model sporting a raccoon-fur hat or a fox-tail key chain doesn’t reveal the pain and suffering that trapped or caged animals endure when they’re skinned for their fur. While most people love to hop on the latest fashion trend, we should take a moment to think about where our accessories came from before we shop.

After learning that animals are cruelly killed for fur, many people choose to avoid itowever, it can be hard to tell whether the fur used in smaller accessories—like key chains, hats, and pompoms—is real or faux. Sometimes, people buy these products without knowing the true source.

Regardless of the size of an item, wearing any part of a dead animal is extremely cruel—not to mention that it’s just gross.

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Raccoon- and fox-tail key chains—or any other items made with fur—didn’t come from animals who died of natural causes. They came from ones who were killed, just so that people could sell their fur.

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Eighty-five percent of the industry’s fur comes from animals on fur farms, where they’re forced to spend their entire lives held captive inside cramped, filthy wire cages. Other animals killed for their fur were trapped in the wild. 

The production of fur harms the environment, too. U.S. mink farms alone produce 1 million pounds of feces and a dangerous level of phosphorus (a whopping 1,000 tons), which pollutes nearby rivers and streams.

Foxes and raccoons, like all other animals, have the right to be free and live in their natural habitat. Holding them captive on fur factory farms and slaughtering them for their fur is cruel. Raccoons are curious, chatty animals who’ve learned to coexist with humans, and foxes love to play. Why would anyone ever want to wear them?

How You Can Help

Before you buy a new furry accessory, check the label and make sure that it’s not made with real fur. There are lots of ultra-stylish, fashionable cruelty-free clothing options and accessories available instead, including vegan fur key chains and pompoms! Come on, people, it’s 2017—leave this terrible fur fashion trend in the past and go faux.

Feeling inspired to protect animals? Find out more ways to help.