Are you all about hashtags, just like we are? peta2 staffers use hashtags ALL the time, like on TwitterInstagram, and sometimes just in everyday convos. #WeLoveHashtags

In all seriousness, though, hashtags are really important! They basically sum up what you’re trying to say, and allow people to find images you’ve posted when they’re searching by a keyword. They’re super-helpful when you’re spreading an important message. That’s why you should use hashtags to your advantage!

Hashtag definitionCheck out these sneaky ways to turn common hashtags into animal rights messages:


Rest of Your Fur Coat

There are TONS of  #GrossFacts about meat, eggs, and dairy products! Let people know.

cheese wedge rape rack

Our #WCW is Renee Olstead because she’s always a superstar for animals.

Renee Olstead's Fish Are Friends Not Food Ad


Asshole I Wear Fur Post

#TBT to when dining out meant that fries were the only vegan option.

french fries all day every day


Make Us Into Bacon Too Cute To Eat

How could you see something like this and NOT go vegan? #UltimateChallenge

gross meat puss

Show everyone you know how #delish vegan food is by posting your own #foodporn pics.

chocolate peanut butter cup instagram

berry power smoothie instagram

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