So you’re a fashionable little butterfly with a compassionate soul and killer style? Of course, you are! Well, then, you definitely need this guide to make sure that your #OOTD has no #WOOL.

There’s a fashion nightmare that has been terrorizing the masses—(dramatic pause)—wool! And the REAL fashion victims are cute, adorable sheep!

PETA’s disturbing new video exposés of both Australian and U.S. wool operations reveals that sheep shearers violently punched and stomped on these gentle animals and beat and jabbed them in the head with sharp metal clippers and a hammer.

Here’s what to do to make sure that you never, ever support wool … and still look fab!

1. Go to your favorite mall.

dog car mean girlsYes, any mall you want! You can find cruelty-free fashion everywhere. I dare you!

2. Check it before you deck it!

label shopping clothes

So, that sweater is speaking to you—actually, screaming at you! Don’t just walk away—it might be cruelty-free. Check the label! Look for cruelty-free fabrics such as cotton, cotton flannel, polyester, and synthetic shearling.

3. Remember: Friends don’t wear friends.

poplar spring sheep

Honesty hour: Wearing ANY animal is weird. Stay away from items made with wool, angora, rabbit hair, cashmere, pashmina, mohair, camel hair (seriously, bish?), and shearling.

4. Nag for tags!


Not quite sure if the item is wool-free? Just ask! If a store employee is not really sure, don’t worry—just Google it!

5. Holla at yo’ girl.

Sara Ann texting peta2

STILL a little confused? Just shoot us a text, and we’ll help you out!

6. HAULelujah!

sweater photo annie

Rock that cruelty-free look! This is the easiest way to show your friends that being compassionate can also be super-fashionable and cute. Don’t forget to post your very own cruelty-free #OOTD on Instagram, Facebook, or Tumblr for everyone to see. Oh, and use hashtag #peta2life so that we can like the hell out of that post.


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