PETA naked activist demonstration "Go Green Go Vegan" St Paddys Day bodypainting

The vegan girlfriend (yours truly) spreading the word for animals on St. Paddy’s Day!

Looking for love is hard enough, but for animal rights activists and vegans, it can be just that much harder …

Does your future hand-holding candidate have to be vegan already? What if they’ve never been to a protest before? Will that scare them away?

As if meeting your main squeeze’s parents isn’t always super-awkward, how do you tell them that you don’t want their meatloaf (‘cuz sorry, Weezer, but we ain’t taking one for the team)?

So how do you do it? How does a vegan activist date a meat-eater?

Dig these tips that I’ve learned along the way, and true love (and maybe a new vegan!) could be in your near future:

1. Sing it, Aretha!

Like all good relationships, the base should be trust and R-E-S-P-E-C-T! Just because someone might not hold the same beliefs as you doesn’t mean it won’t work. We’re constantly learning about life from other people, and there’s no reason a nonvegan hottie can’t learn something from you.

Ignorance is no excuse for disrespect, though, so make sure the boy or girl you’re interested in is really interested in who you are inside and respects what’s important to you.


Note: This goes both ways! Remember: Most of us grew up eating animals, and just because that dream girl in geometry doesn’t know anything about factory farms doesn’t mean she’s a terrible person. Why not give her a chance?

Dreamy non-vegan boyfriend assures kitty he'd never wear fur!

Dreamy nonvegan boyfriend assures kitty he’d never wear fur!

2. Make It Work!

What drew you to this person to begin with? Do you love the same bands? Both like to check out the latest art exhibits? Share a passion for photography?

Finding common ground is a good way to help someone understand why you’re vegan and get the wheels turning in their brain about animal rights.

They probably have a cat or dog at home whom they love and wouldn’t want to see them skinned alive for fur.

Help them Make the Connection.

Show them what your fave bands are up to or get in some good snuggle time by vegging out on the couch and nerding out on documentaries.

3. Hey, I Heard You Were A Wild One

Dreamy non-vegan boyfriend is all smiles for this Vegan Benedict!

Dreamy non-vegan boyfriend is all smiles for this Vegan Benedict!

Get yourself someone with a sense of adventure who’s up for trying a bunch of delicious food that they may have never heard of before you came along and rocked their world. Relationships are all about bonding, and what better way to do that than to experience the tastiest part of veganism together?

Set a weekly date night where you take your new sweetie to your fave vegan restaurants or cook up a banging tofu scramble that convinces them once and for all that tofu is way better than gross chicken periods.

Sure, my dude might jokingly refer to veggie bacon as “those dog treat things,” but he’s the one ordering the vegan BLT at lunch now!

peta2 has tons of great recipes to help you wow your future soul mate, and you can even sign up to get free recipes delivered to your inbox every week.

Does it get any simpler than that? Plus, isn’t it the rule that if you cook, they do the dishes? 😉

These tips might not find you your one and only, but they should at least help you decide if dating a meat-eater is doable in your book.

People say you shouldn’t try to change someone you love, but that doesn’t mean sharing your life and the things that matter to you is off limits. And if the person you’re with really cares about you, the least that they can do is be open-minded and respect your beliefs.

True Life: I'm Dating A Meat Eater

Dreamy nonvegan boyfriend and me on a dinner date!

Heck, that smoking-hot carne asada–loving guy just might decide that he loves your cooking so much, he’s going to start going vegan whenever he’s with you (<–true story!).

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Here’s to love in your life (and in your heart for all animals)!