People are freaking out about how adorable our new merch is, and we don’t blame them! Check out these products that have arrived just in time for the holidays and get ’em while they last:

Holiday Dog Treat Wreath


You can share this delicious decoration with your favorite pup all season long—and it’s a perfect gift for the holidays! Strung with delicious-smelling, organic vegan dog treats that were hand-tied by PETA staff, the wreath also turns into a flying ring that can be used for hours of fun once your dog has devoured all the treats. 

Holiday Lip Balm 3-Pack

holiday lip balm 3 pack

Some lip balms out there have been tested on animals or contain beeswax, carmine (crushed up bugs—ew!), or other nasty ingredients. How about NO?! These cute lip balms are totally vegan and cruelty-free. Order the three-pack and get these delicious flavors: “Soy to the World” Soy Nog, “Happy Howlidays” Candy Cane, “Santa Paws Cider” Apple Cider. Yum!

Handmade PETA Bunny Catnip Toys

peta catnip toys

Specially packaged in a gift box, these big, fuzzy cat toys are purrfect for all your feline friends (and make great presents for their humans). They’re handmade with love in California out of vegan fleece, faux fur, organic catnip, and a touch of fiber. 

‘Vegan’ Knee-High Socks

vegan knee-high socks

Spread the word with these cute and durable striped knee-highs. 

Humane Bug Catcher

humane bug catcher

This humane bug catcher is seriously the best present ever. You can use it every day to rid your house of unwanted bugs and spiders without harming them or the environment. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

PETA Ugly Sweater Unisex Sweatshirt

catalog gobble veggies sweatshirt

Show the world—or at least the people at the dinner table—that you don’t need dead birds to enjoy a holiday feast with this “ugly holiday sweater”–style sweatshirt that reads, “Gobble Veggies, Not Turkeys.”

‘Shine With Compassion’ Soy Candle

shine with compassion soy candle

No bees were harmed in the making of this Winter Forest–scented soy candle.

Mug o’ Love Gift Box

peta mug hot cocoa gift set

The ceramic mug comes stuffed with vegan cocoa from Fresh Coast Chocolate Co. as well as Dandies vegan mini-marshmallows. It’s available for a limited time only, so grab one before they’re gone.

PETA Winter Dog T-Shirt

dog-winter-shirt-white-backgroundMillions of animals—including dogs and cats—die every year in the cruel fur industry. Keep your dog warm this winter and spread the message that fur is for animals, NOT humans. 

PETA Vegan Holiday Chocolate Box

holiday chocolate box

These chocolates are made exclusively for PETA by Harbor Candy Shop and are seriously SO good. They’re dairy-free, meaning that no cows had to suffer to make them. 

Adopt Kitty Enamel Pin

adopt kitty enamel pin

Put this pin on your backpack, denim, or vegan leather jacket. Who knows, it may even give you the chance to talk to someone about the many great cats who are waiting for homes in shelters across the country! Designed by Portland-based artist Kara Burke.

‘Faux Is So Delightful’ Holiday Apron

holiday apron

Wear this apron, which also comes in black, while cooking up some vegan turkey for your holiday dinner and spread the message that birds DON’T have to die for anyone’s meal. 

The best part about all of these gifts is that you’re helping animals when you buy them!  All profits go toward PETA’s life-saving work. For more awesome merch, check out the peta2 store!

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