Taco Bell is coming out with tortilla chips based on the flavors of the chain’s insanely popular Border sauces. This. Is. Not. A. Drill. Oh, and just like the sauces themselves, the chips will be entirely animal-free.

Taco Bell 

They’ll be sold in select grocery and retail stores starting this month, and they’ll be easily recognizable, as the packaging is almost identical to the sauce packets. Flavors will include mild, hot, and fire—for the brave of heart.

As if the news of the sauce-flavored chips weren’t exciting enough, the chip bags will also include the same spunky little phrases that are on the sauce packets!

Feelin’ saucy.

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These tortilla chips are far from the first vegan items to come from the company. Check out our vegan guide to Taco Bell to learn about all the mouthwatering animal-free options that it has to offer.

No animal deserves to suffer for our snacking. Do the compassionate thing by choosing vegan at Taco Bell (and everywhere else).