Who said plant-powered muscles aren’t a thing? Not these chiseled vegan bodybuilders and weightlifters. They’re lean, green, cruelty-free machines with hearts of gold.

Berto Calkins

Sometimes you just have to reinforce that you don't need to harm animals in order to make fitness gains. That's why I'm always wearing my "what vegans lift like" shirt at the gym. It literally motivates me to go harder because people are always looking at vegans as weak. We know this to be false, but we just have to keep drilling it into the minds of others. I deadlifted 455lbs yesterday and a nice powerlifting couple "patted me on the back" for it. Did they mention my veganism? No, but did they see the shirt? Yes. Planting seeds. And even if you aren't a heavy lifter, don't be afraid to rock your shirt because to everyone else it's probably surprising that you're vegan and alive anyway ? t-shirt available on www.tattedvegan.com #whatvegansliftlike #vegan #crueltyfree #plantbased #vegangains #veganfitness #fitness #fitfam #sexyvegan #whatveganslooklike #vegansofig #veganfood #nycvegan #vegansofny #food #health #diet #nutrition #personaltrainer #cpt #protein #carbs #healthy #bodybuilding #powerlifting #abs #animalrights #gains

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Also known as the “Tatted Vegan,” Berto Calkins is the blueprint for a balanced vegan lifestyle. His IG page is filled with images of delicious-looking vegan food, animals receiving love, and physical activity. He also has an insightful YouTube channel for when you want to see his lifestyle in action.

Laurel Fredette

Back to the gym after taking 5 days off ? chest/shoulders today in @grrrl_clothing #saVAGe tights ?

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Laurel Fredette is truly a vegan badass, with fiery red hair and a burning passion for animals. She started lifting after becoming vegan, and now you can find her on social media using hashtags like #SlayWorkoutsNotAnimals and #UntilEveryCageIsEmpty.

Max Seabrook

What can’t this guy do!? On top of being a certified personal trainer medical student, he’s also a kickass animal rights activist, demonstrating that you can have brains, bronze, and compassion for others.

Crissi Carvalho

This woman is a-maz-ing. Crissi Carvalho is a carb queen, an author, a regular bodybuilding competitor, and a title holder—and she’s in her 40s, people! I would continue listing her other accomplishments, but that would take a while. I kinda want to be her when I grow up.

Dominick Thompson

No one ever asked an elephant where he got his protein from.

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Animal crusader, triathlete, and bodybuilder, Dominick Thompson is the perfect example of a man who really cares about animals and his body. He also has a pretty cool vegan clothing line. Check out his website: craziesandweirdos.com.

Patrik Baboumian

300kg for reps and still waiting for the protein deficiency to set in.

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Patrik Baboumian is German, one of the strongest men alive, and proud to be vegan. He once said the true meaning of strength is not how many pounds you can lift—it’s about extending kindness and exercising compassion.

Torre Washington

“Youse smart” in my DJ Khaled voice—with a degree in engineering and a vegan diet that spans almost 20 years, it’s safe to say Torre Washington is a vegan bodybuilding master.

Hulda B. Waage

Hulda Waage is an Icelandic vegan powerlifter and record holder. When she’s not breaking records as a badass vegan Viking, she’s busy being a mom and the ultimate foodie.

Erin Fergus

For this #flexfriday I have to share my excitement over @bianca_longsocks_scott becoming an #ifbbpro in #womensphysique last weekend!!! She is my favorite #physique in the game and is absolutely stunning on stage and in real life. I know that I can't ever be anyone but me, but her dedication and progress give me something to strive for. I was just playing around putting us side by side in #sidechest (because really, how many times do you see #purplehair and #muscles together twice?!) but I love how graceful it turned out. I had already said to myself (but not shared with many people) that I would love to try the #npcwpd category at least once once I'm old enough for master's. well guess what? That's just under 1.5 years away, and that could line up quite nicely for my intended time off ? I'm only a week away from finally, finally nestling into #improvementseason, and the MOST important thing for making sure I don't get post competition blues is already having my next goal in mind and to be working toward it by Monday after the show. I have big plans for this mind and body! Bianca, you have been incredible to watch, and I am excited for your journey and continued success! ????❤️ #motivation #motivated #wpd #npc #bodybuilding #bodybuilder #girlswithmuscle #prostatus #inspiration #flexing #musclesarebeautiful #musclesaresexy #stageshots #womenwithmuscles #strongwomen #womensphysiquepro #womensphysiquecompetitor #jrusas #delts #shredded #leanaf #shredded #muscles

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She’s a vegan pro and proud of it after being named Women’s Physique Pro by the Organization of Competitive Bodybuilders. Catch her on IG being a certified vegan badass.

John Lewis

"I'm back on my work out, back on my regimen Back on my weight gain, back on my discipline Back to the gym again back on my vitamins Back on my training feeling stronger than I ever been… My mind is infinite, I think and grow rich The gym is my religion, I pray on the bench The reason why I train I want the power and the strength Won't stop won't quit till I'm swole and I'm ripped I cut off the liquor, laid off the spliffs Had a paradigm shift like I met Morpheus Now I'm outside the Matrix, back to the basics Tanktop, sweat pants, old pair of Asics You come to the gym you gotta pay your dues The body get weak if the body don't move I train for the street it's no queen's barry rules Gotta winner attitude, I feel like I can't loose Got my game plan set I'm not the same man In 6 months watch I'mma be a changed man Like Haru on my shirt with his wings spread Raising up the bar like I'm training up for war" @stic ?: @jlrphotodesign

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Aka the “Badass Vegan,” John Lewis inspires others to take the vegan pledge with his charismatic personality and sculpted body. He demonstrates with his vegan lifestyle that you can build your best body while being kind to animals.

Samantha Shorkey

Samantha Shorkey won first place in a bikini competition and became a certified pro—all while being vegan. She’s a firm believer in making conscious decisions that do not contribute to the suffering of animals, and she’s truly beautiful, inside and out.

Korin Sutton

Demonstrating compassion for all life forms on this planet, Korin Sutton is a pro vegan bodybuilder, personal trainer, and health coach. This guy will get you in shape and good health. Check out his insightful site, on which he offers a digital cookbook, Where Is the Protein Being Vegan?

Kendrick Farris

In 2016, Kendrick Farris was the only American weightlifter to qualify for the Olympics in Rio, and during the Olympics, he broke records, proving that you don’t need meat to build strength and dominate the competition.


Before starting your vegan fitness journey, remember not to sweat the protein—there are plenty of meat-free protein sources out there with your name on them.

Beef up without the beef, and check out our “Guide to Going Vegan” for more information on how to start.