Fall is here, so that means boots are BACK! Shopping for vegan boots can be really easy, as long as you know what to look out for. Of course, you want to stay away from leather, suede, fur, sheepskin, and any other material that comes from animals.

The vegan-friendly words you want to look for when buying vegan boots are “synthetic,” “man-made,” “polyurethane” (or “PU”), “faux leather,” “faux suede,” etc.

Lucky for you, I read all the product descriptions of this year’s trendiest boots—so you don’t have to. I present to you: peta2’s Vegan Boot Guide. YAAAS! ?

Low Chelsea Boot

Everyone needs a low Chelsea boot. These are perfect for school, because they’re super-comfy.

Find these vegan boots here!

Heeled Chelsea Boot

Take it up a notch and wear a higher heel. This 2.5-inch stacked block heel will keep your feet comfortable while adding a couple of inches.

Find these vegan boots here!

Combat Boot

These are a bit of a splurge, but you can’t go wrong with vegan Docs. Dr. Martens are very well-made, durable, and iconic—so these boots will last just about forever.

Find these vegan boots here! Buckled Boot

Take a walk on the wild side and pick up these awesome buckle-embellished boots. Check out the block heel and cleated sole—badass!

Find these vegan boots here!White Boot

Practically everyone has been sporting white ankle boots this season. Did you know they make vegan ones, too? Duh! #Fashion

Find these vegan boots here!

Sock Boot

Sock boots are everywhere. Dress them down during the day with some jeans, or pair them with a cute dress and wear them on a night out.

Find these vegan boots here!

vegan boots



Ankle Boot

A classic ankle boot should be in everyone’s closet. TBH, you can’t go wrong with this one.

Find these vegan boots here!Pointy Boot

A pointy toe and a stiletto heel? These are ultra-chic.

Find these vegan boots here!

Wedge-Heel Boot

These faux suede boots will pair well with any outfitnot to mention they also have a wedge heel, so they must be comfy!

Find these vegan boots here!

Knee-High Boot

I feel like ordering a seriously complex Starbucks drink in these boots: “Yes, hi, can I get one grande extra-hot, half-caff, soy, vanilla, peppermint mocha—and hold the whipped cream, please. Thank you!”

Find these vegan boots here!

Over-the-Knee Boot

Wow, these boots are everything! Wear them with skinny jeans or a cute skort. Just make sure you wear them with confidence. *hair flip*

Find these vegan boots here!

UGG Look-a-Like Boot

We all know that UGGs are made from sheepskin, and as compassionate humans, we don’t support that ish. Check out these cute, fuzzy boots that look a lot like UGGS—and they’re made without the cruelty.

Find these vegan boots here!

Dressy Bootie

These booties are perfect for semi-formal occasions. Pair them with your fave cocktail dress and dance the night away.

Find these vegan boots here!

Velvet Boot

Velvet has been BACK since like 2013. Let’s keep it going! These deep-orange velvet boots are perfect for fall.

Find these vegan boots here!

Animal-Print Boot

Do you love animals so much that you just want to become one sometimes? Just me? ?? Well, check out these fun faux-fur boots. With dark-wash jeans and a black long-sleeve top? CUTE!

Find these vegan boots here!


When in doubt, just check the label. If you see one of the symbols below, you’re good to go—the item was made with vegan materials. ??BUT if you see one of these symbols, put that boot down—it’s NOT vegan! Either of these mean that it’s made of skins. Gross. ?

Remember: If you refuse to wear fur, you should refuse to wear all other animal-derived materials, too. Happy shopping! 

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