As a vegan, there are a lot of things I’m really passionate about. I’m passionate about putting an end to animal testing, shutting down SeaWorld, and saving animals in general. Ya know what else I’m passionate about? BREAKFAST BURRITOS. Yes, that’s right: I am a breakfast burrito enthusiast.

SFW Liz Burrito

Since I’ve done years worth of R&D (research and development) in the vegan breakfast burrito field, I’m so excited to share my top five favorites with you. Because remember: Saving animals is awesome, and saving animals while eating a delicious breakfast wrapped up in a soft, steamy tortilla is even better.

1. The Bae

This beauty gets its name from being 100 percent lifelong partner material:

SFW Breakfast Burrito With Fruit

As with all breakfast burritos, this will all need to be cooked up and wrapped in a tortilla and then consumed with love and affection.

2. The Crouching Vegan Hidden Dragon

You’ll seriously be breathing fire after this one:

SFW Breakfast Burrito With Kale.

Just like The Bae, this will need to be prepared and thrown together in a tortilla.

3. The Classic

A classic diner-style breakfast wrapped in a tortilla, aka “perfection”:

tofu taco

Alamo Tofu Taco | Stephanie | CC By 2.0 

  • Hash brown patty (try Trader Joe’s brand—they come frozen, and you can toss ’em in the oven or cook ’em in a skillet, super-easy!)
  • Tofu scramble
  • Caramelized yellow onions
  • Avocado
  • Pico de gallo or hot sauce of your choice

OK, I think you get the point by now: All these recipes need to be prepped and eaten in a tortilla. Otherwise they wouldn’t be burritos—they would just be “breakfast,” which is no fun.

4. The Adiós Amigo

Also known as the “peace out, homie!” … You’ll need a few minutes to recoup after chowing down on this one (naps are highly recommended when exploring breakfast burritos of this caliber):

SFW Veggie Bacon Burrito 1

5. The Not-So-Basic Basic

‘Cause there’s NOTHING wrong with being basic, OK?!

SFW Burrito With Hot Sauce

  • Vegan refried beans
  • Mexican-style rice
  • Sautéed arugula
  • Caramelized yellow onion
  • Hot sauce of your choice

In the true spirit of the breakfast burrito (a spirit that embodies love, acceptance, freedom, and perfection), make sure you share these vegan recipes to help everyone you know AND help all the animals slated to be killed for food.