Vegan chocolate milk can be made from coconuts, seeds, many different types of nuts and grains, and even peas. Here’s how it works: Plants are ground into a milk and chocolate is added. It’s so good, it’s like, “Was I even living before I tried this?!” No.  

Chocolate dairy milk—on the other hand—comes from female cows who endure painful and traumatizing mutilations like de-horning and tail-docking on farms. They’re repeatedly sexually abused by workers, who insert arms and tools into their anuses and vaginas to inseminate them, and they experience the deep and unbearable pain of their newborn babies being torn away from them shortly after birth—and this happens over and over again. Then, these sensitive animals are hooked up to machines and pumped for their milk.

dairy cow sitting on dirty floor

This cycle continues for years, until their milk production declines, at which point they’re transported to slaughterhouses in disgusting, crowded trucks and stabbed to death. And then, workers add some chocolate to their stolen milk …

That’s why vegan chocolate milk is super-cool and so good that when I’m not drinking it, I’m thinking about drinking it. Hey, wanna talk about options?! Because here they come:

Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Chocolate Almondmilk

A guilty pleasure that you don't have to feel guilty about.

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Califia Farms Chocolate Coconut Almondmilk

Elmhurst Milked Peanuts With Chocolate

Oatly Chocolate Oatmilk

Pacific Hazelnut Chocolate Non-Dairy Beverage

Pacific Hemp Chocolate Non-Dairy Beverage

Pacific Organic Almond Chocolate Non-Dairy Beverage

Rice Dream Enriched Chocolate Drink

Keepin tha #ricedream cold

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Ripple Chocolate Pea Milk

Silk Chocolate Cashewmilk

Silk Chocolate Protein Nutmilk (made with almond and cashew milks)

Silk Chocolate Soymilk

Silk Dark Chocolate Almondmilk

Recover from your mid-day #exercise with chocolate #almondmilk! ??? ?: @purelyplantbased

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Silk Light Chocolate Soymilk

So Delicious Chocolate Coconutmilk Beverage

So Delicious Mint Chocolate Seasonal Coconutmilk Beverage<

Tempt Chocolate Hempmilk

The Best Chocolate Milk Ever! ?#tempthempmilk #chocolatemilk #omygerd

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Moove over, dairy—because we’re so over you. Vegan milk sales have increased in the U.S. by 61 percent over the last six years as sales of dairy “products” continue to decline. S’like, why destroy the planet, torture sweet and sensitive animals, and chug hormones, pus, and cholesterol (among other disgustingness) when we could just drink PERFECT VEGAN CHOCOLATE MILK?

And while you’re ditching dairy milk, don’t forget to swap dairy cheese for vegan cheese, too. Unfortunately, they don’t make any chocolate flavors on that front (yet), but there are tons of delicious vegan cheeses to explore in the meantime!