Confession: One of the last things I gave up while going vegan many years ago was Starbucks iced lattes. I have been a coffee addict lover since high school, so I literally couldn’t imagine life without my a.m. fix. I finally got off the milk train by reading more about how calves are torn from their screaming mothers so that we can drink their milk and about how milk sometimes has pus in it. The last time I got a Starbucks iced latte with dairy milk, I was convinced the milk felt warm … like it just came out of an udder. It grossed me out hard. I took two sips and threw it away. I never looked back.

Dairy Farm

Female cows in the dairy industry are treated like nothing but milk machines. This isn’t just cruel, it’s disgusting.

See, you guys, soy milk is your friend. And so are almond, coconut, and hemp milks! I was soon ordering up Starbucks iced soy lattes and living the dream: having my fix without hurting any animals. Sure, soy tasted a li’l bit different, but I started to love it—after all, I would never go back. No taste is worth an animals’ suffering and being killed for five minutes of my pleasure. It’s a no-brainer, if you care about animals (like I do!), you make the decision to never buy things that cause them suffering–no matter how familiar they are to you. rachelle cow heart sanctuaryNowadays, there are some bomb options out there if you’re a coffeeholic like I am. There are tons of options at Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, and others—and even grocery stores sell tons of different vegan coffee drinks. Here are some of my favorites:

Califia Farms Unsweetened Black & White Cold Brew

Yin + yang never tasted so smooth.

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My biggest gripe with some of the iced coffee options out there for vegans is just how ~sweet~ they are. I actually love the taste of coffee, so I look for unsweetened things, and this new lovely is perfect and made with almond milk!

These li’l guys come in lots of different flavors, too. Salted Caramel you guys. SALTED CARAMEL.

Why get just one, when you can get them all? (?: @tonyduhh) #CalifianLove

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Peet’s Coffee Cold Brew and Nitro

Peet’s is a rad, vegan-friendly coffee shop! If your’re not lucky enough to live near a Peet’s store you can still enjoy their coffee drinks, which are sold at Target.

Starbucks Iced Coffee (in Unsweetened, Caramel, Vanilla, and Sweetened)

Going camping? Staying with a friend who lives in the last place on Earth without a Starbucks nearby? Grab this sucker from Target and chill—your coffee needs are covered.

OMG. I can't control my excitement over this. I am a true addict. ❤️☕️

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Stumptown Cold Brew with Coconut Cream


Stumptown Cold Brew and Nitro

Just look at it. It’s a work of art.

And it also comes canned from a tap, infused with nitrogen—nitro—to give the coffee a super creamy, stout-like (for my 21+ friends) effect. Fancy, right?

True Love. ? @david_tartaglia @brianhumenik

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You can find both of these at your grocery or health food store, or if you’re blessed enough to live near a Stumptown Coffee Roasters, stock up!

Califia Farms Mocha Cold Brew

☕️? | (?: by #CalifianLove

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Chocolate. Coffee. Heaven.

These bigger Califia products come in diff flavors, too, like Pumpkin Spice in the fall and Peppermint Chocolate in the winter! All year round, you can spot Double Espresso and Café Latte in stores.

^^This person is my hero.

Chameleon Cold Brew 

Flavors include yummy Mexican chocolate, chicory, vanilla, black, mocha, and espresso. Mmmm, espresso.

Be a happy camper. Drink your coffee. ⛺️

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If you are a thrifty (see: smart) spender and want to save your bucks, making delicious iced coffee and cold brew at home is easy-peasy. Stock up on your favorite nondairy creamers (my fave right now is Califia Farms’ coconut cream half and half, drool!) and invest in a Toddy cold brewing system, or just chill your homebrewed coffee in the fridge overnight before adding in the nondairy goodness.

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