So you’re headed to The Habit Burger Grill, and you want to get to grillin’ without the killin’? ?Well, guess what? We’ve created this handy guide so you can have a full stomach and a happy heart knowing that no animals had to die for your meal.?


Order the Veggie Burger ? on the French roll, wheat bun, seeded bun, or wrapped in lettuce. You can also get it on grilled sourdough, but ask for no butter.


The Veggie Burger comes with sweet mustard, lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers, but you can add extras. Try these:

✅ Avocado

✅Grilled onion*

✅Grilled mushroom*

✅Raw onion

*These items are vegan, but they’re grilled on the same surface as nonvegan food, so there’s a possibility of cross-contamination.


✅ Applesauce Cup

✅Apple Slices

✅French Fries

✅Pineapple Slices

✅Side Salad (Get it without croutons.)

✅Sweet Potato Fries

✅Tempura Green Beans


✅BBQ Chicken Salad (Ask for no chicken, bacon, or cheese.)

✅Garden Salad (Ask for no croutons or cheese.)

✅Santa Barbara Cobb (Ask for no bacon, egg, chicken, or bleu cheese crumbles.)

✅Super Food Salad (Ask for no chicken, feta cheese, or Kale Pesto Vinaigrette.)

Pro tip: Sub avocado or a vegan patty for any of the animal-flesh options on the salads.


✅BBQ Sauce

✅Fat-Free Italian Dressing

✅Olive Oil

✅Teriyaki Sauce

Note: The restaurant also offers a condiment bar, where you’ll find pickled pepperoncinis, jalapeños, and chili peppers as well as ketchup and mustard.

Make It a Habit to Eat Vegan

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