Coachella is doing big things this year! Week one had so many vegan vendors that it was like a small vegan city. Clearly, we have a lot to look forward to during week two. Even many of the nonvegan vendors offered delicious vegan options. Like, wow, can I live there?

The barrage of delicious animal-free options at Coachella is further proof that eating vegan is now mainstream, easy, and downright YUMMY. OK, I can’t take it anymore—here are all the vegan and vegan-friendly vendors and their wonderful meat-, egg-, and dairy-free masterpieces available at Coachella this year:

Backyard Bowls 


Cena Vegan 


Southern Fried Vegan

Cocobella Creamery

Fat Dragon

Go Get Em Tiger

Hanjip Korean BBQ

The Herbivorous Butcher 

Juice Crafters

Mom’s Spaghetti

Monster Fries


Afters Ice Cream

Little Pine

Magpies Softserve

Me’ze Bar

Milk Box

Monty’s Good Burger

Ms Chi


Ramen Hood

Rocco’s Sweet Shoppe


Seabirds Kitchen

Sprouts Farmers Market

 Sumo Dog

Sunny Blue

It’s National Rice Ball Day tomorrow!! Come stop by!

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 Sweetfin Poké

Sweet Rolled Tacos

Asian BBQ

Top Round

Trejo’s Tacos

Van Leeuwen Ice Cream

Vibe Organic Kitchen

With all these easily accessible, delicious vegan options, it makes zero sense to choose to eat the flesh and secretions of animals. Gross. The music and performances at Coachella are definitely ??? … but the vegan food is stealing the show this year!