Are you sick and tired of meat-eaters hating on your vegan grub without even trying it? We’ve got you covered. Check out this list of vegan entrées that taste exactly like the other stuff but without the cholesterol, animal fat, and cruelty.

1. Tacos

Pure Tuesday beauty right here. Beyond Beef Feisty tacos by @littlebirdvegan ?

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Don’t wait until Taco Tuesday. Beyond Meat has gifted the vegan world with these meatless crumbles that would fool anyone, including my own mother.

2. Hot Dogs

A summer staple, hot dogs are now easier than ever to veganize and trick people with. Seriously, your meat-eating friends won’t know the difference if you feed them Lightlife’s Smart Dogs. Plus, no ears or buttholes in an intestinal casing is definitely a nice bonus.

3. Sloppy Joes

Sloppy Joes are a kid’s dream and maybe a parent’s nightmare, but it’s all good because neither would even know the difference with these—unless one of your parents cooked it. In that case, they will know.

4. Fish and Chips

Fishless fish & chips by our awesome #InstaChef, @juanatakeaway. #OMGardein

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Pair your chips with Gardein’s tasty vegan Fishless Filets and fool your peeps at the same damn time. Don’t believe us? Just try them!

5. Beyond Burgers

Trick your fam and friends into falling beyond in love with these hard to believe but certified-vegan burgers. Anchors on The Today Show tried them out on camera and couldn’t tell the difference!

6.  Meatless Meatballs

Meatless meatballs that taste like meat—sign me up! Be sure to hide that not-so-evil grin when serving these bad boys up.

7.  Devil’s Food Cake

Two ingredients equal one magical cake. Say what? Your friends will never know. All you have to do is mix one can of soda with an “accidentally vegan” cake mix—and voilà! Check out the instructions.

Are you excited about tricking your nonvegan friends? Or maybe you just want to enjoy the same foods that you grew up with—but without the cruelty to animals. Either way, the above meals are perfect.

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