If you haven’t tried checking your local Indian grocery store for vegan snacks, you’re so missing out! From sweet vegan besan laddu to nelakadale laddu (peanut clusters), there’s something to satisfy every type of craving.

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Here are some of my favorite vegan Indian snacks:

Besan burfi (sweetened gram flour cake)

Laddo (also spelled “laddu”—sphere-shaped sweets that are popular in South Asia)

vegan Indian snacks

Besan laddu (sphere-shaped sweets made with gram flour)

Jalebi (deep-fried batter)

Uzhunnu vada (lentil doughnuts)

Nelakadale laddu (peanut balls)

Sesame laddu (sesame balls)

Hand muruku (a savory, crunchy snack)

Locate the nearest Indian grocery store and then add these flavorful snacks to your shopping basket. Share some with your family and friends and show them how easy it is to eat vegan!

Note: the above snacks might not be vegan in all stores. Check with the restaurant to be sure before ordering.