If you haven’t heard of the ketogenic diet, it’s a low-carb, high-fat plan that changes the way your body uses energy—basically, it encourages your body to burn fat instead of carbohydrates (this happens when your body is in a state known as “ketosis”). To follow the diet, you need to limit the amount of carbs and sugars you eat and consume more fats and low-carb proteins, which has made many people believe that it’s hard for vegans to follow the plan. But that’s not true—you can absolutely be vegan on a ketogenic diet.

Other than urging you to be vegan, we don’t say that any particular diet is the best (I’m a proud carb-lover myself, TBH). But we do want you to know that whether you have food allergies and sensitivities or are experimenting with a gluten-free diet, a raw diet, or any other diet, you can always maintain your vegan lifestyle. Vegan foods can be found everywhere, and they can provide you with all the nutrients you need to be healthy. So stand up for animals by making compassionate choices about what you eat.

And remember: If you plan to start a new diet, please consult your doctor. While we’ve researched this, we’re not physicians, and starting a new or restrictive diet is something that you should always talk to a professional about before diving in head-first.

Staples to Have on Hand

Vegan Protein Sources

Whole-food powerhouses like tofu, tempeh, and seitan can be keto-friendly, so stock up on them and use them in all your favorite recipes.

You can eat many vegan meats on the diet, too. Pea protein–based Beyond Meat products are keepers—and the company also makes the delicious Beyond Burger and some of the best vegan chicken strips ever. Be sure to try low-carb products from Gardein, like its Beefless Ground and Chick’n Scallopini. Quorn also carries delish vegan versions of chicken and turkey that every keto follower needs to try. And remember Lightlife’s Tofu Pups for your hot dog fix, low-carb and vegan-style.

Vegan Alternatives to Dairy ‘Products’

There are so many reasons to avoid cow’s milk—and it isn’t keto-friendly, so vegan options are definitely the way to go. Use unsweetened almond, flax, or hemp milk or coconut cream in your coffee and on your cereal and for all your other vegan milk needs. Ripple makes an amazing unsweetened pea milk that’s great for a vegan keto diet, too.

Miyoko’s Kitchen offers vegan butter and cashew-based cheeses that are keto-friendly. And don’t forget to try Kite Hill’s almond-based yogurts and cream cheeses, which are delicious and low-carb.

Low-Starch Vegetables

If you want to stay in ketosis, choose veggies that are low in starch and carbs—good choices include cauliflower, broccoli, zucchini, mushrooms, celery, asparagus, and pretty much all the leafy greens you can think of. And remember, veggies don’t have to be boring! Cauliflower can be turned into a rice imposter (you can do it in a food processor or buy a ready-made version at Trader Joe’s). And zucchini can easily become “zoodles” when you use a spiralizer—they’re terrific for making veggie-based spaghetti.

spiralized zucchini noodles from a spiralizer

Low-Glycemic Fruits

Many fruits are pretty high in carbohydrates, so if you’re sticking to a keto plan, you’ll want to choose those that have a lower glycemic index, such as berries, lemons, and limes. Try one of the delish berry and chia smoothies in this video:

Nuts and Seeds

All nuts and seeds aren’t created equal when it comes to carb content. Stick to low-carb options, like pecans, walnuts, hazelnuts, macadamias, and Brazil nuts. As for seeds, pack your diet with chia, flax, and hemp seeds and oils as often as you can.

High-Fat Plant Foods and Oils

Keto vegans, avocados are your best friend. They make life so much easier, because they’re versatile, delicious, naturally high in fats, low in carbs, and full of essential nutrients. Coconut is also great—snack on it fresh, shred it and sprinkle it over a smoothie bowl, or use coconut cream and oil in cooking or when making smoothies. Olives and extra-virgin olive oil are also staples for vegans following a keto diet.

sliced avo and fresh coconut fruits

Keto-Friendly Vegan Products

There are keto-friendly vegan versions of all your favorite foods that are typically high in carbohydrates. Treat yourself to one of these specialty products when you need the taste of an old favorite:

ThinSlim Foods offers keto-friendly vegan breads and pizza crusts. Just be sure to read the list of ingredients, because not all its products are vegan.

Brands like Flackers and Jilz Crackerz carry vegan low-carb crackers made from nuts and seeds—they’ll help you get your snack on.

Miracle Noodle makes amazing pasta and rice replacements that are wheat-free—starch from the low-carb shirataki yam is used instead.

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Julian Bakery’s Pegan Thin Protein Bars are low-carb and vegan—they’re perfect to eat when you’re on the go and need a quick energy boost or want a sweet treat.

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I took a gamble when I bought a box of these vegan protein bars. I couldn't resist how good the macros were!! I'm always on the lookout for a HIGH protein vegan bars. Truth is I haven't found good tasting protein bars since back when I regularly purchased quest bars, before going vegan. If you're looking for a good tasting and vegan protein bar, give these a try. So far I like them because it seems they can take a beating. I can throw them in one of my many many pants pockets ? without later discovering that my protein bar has melted, and I'm left smelling like chocolate all day and hungry because I'm currently wearing my snack. Not like that's ever happened to me or anything ? #pegan #peganproteinbar #vegan #vegangirl #veganfit #veganfitness #veganprotein #EMS #EMT #fitEMT #womeninmedicine #premed #emsproblems

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Brami’s Lupini Snacks are great when you’ve got the munchies. They’re made from beans, and even though most legumes are a no-no on the keto diet, these crunchy snacks have zero net carbs.

Keto-Friendly Vegan Recipes

Do you need some inspiring recipes? Here are some simple, delicious ones to try on your vegan keto journey:

Keto Overnight ‘Oats’

Oats are off-limits when you’re living the keto life, but some clever person realized that hemp seeds can serve as a tasty and nutritious replacement for oatmeal. Top them with berries and nuts, and you’re good to go.

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Keto Fat Bombs With Cacao and Cashew

These li’l snacks are low in carbs, high in fat—and high in deliciousness. Plus, they’re super-easy to make. They’re just the ticket when you’re in a hurry and could use an energy boost or a quick, filling bite.

Crispy Avocado Fries

Who needs potatoes when you’ve got the clearly superior avocado? All it takes is three ingredients to make these melt-in-your-mouth avocado fries. Eat ’em straight up, or toss them on a leafy green salad to make a meal.

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Easy Vegan Cauliflower Fried Rice

Yum! If you couldn’t have fried rice, would the keto diet even be worth it? “Riced” cauliflower is the grain replacement here and deliciously crispy sesame tofu is the protein.

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Raw Power Zucchini Pasta With Hemp Seed Alfredo Sauce

Some of our favorite carbs are replaced with vegan alternatives in this refreshingly delightful Alfredo-style dish. Get yourself an inexpensive spiralizer and start turning zucchini into gold … I mean, pasta.

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Going vegan is the most compassionate thing that you can do for animals—and you can do it no matter what food trend you’re following. If you want additional simple vegan dishes that you can adapt to any diet, check out peta2’s recipes—new ones are added every week!