Let’s face it: Mexican food is superior to any other cuisine. Why? Check it out:

  • Um, it’s delicious!
  • It’s super-easy to make vegan—seriously, “Replace meat with beans” is second nature to us now.
  • It’s cheap!
  • Did we mention it’s delicious?
  • Oh, and it’s SPICY!

Whether you’re planning the ultimate fiesta or looking for something to help you recover after a super-fun one (if you know what we mean), you can never go wrong with Mexican food! Not sure what to make? ¡No problemo! We’ve gathered the BEST vegan Mexican recipes just for YOU. So go ahead and blend a couple of virgin watermelon margaritas and get the party started!

1.      Spicy Chick’n Enchiladas


Enchiladas are the mother madre of Mexican food. Let’s break it down: warm tortillas stuffed with yumminess, covered with spicy sauce, and topped with vegan cheese AND guac? Yep, pretty bomb. Try these vegan chick’n enchiladas and transport your taste buds across the border!

2.      Fight-Worthy Nachos! 


Nachos make the best appetizer—crunchy, spicy, gooey, and delicious! Plus, you can’t really mess them up. Just pile on the toppings and let the nacho gods do their thing. Oh, remember that it’s all fun and games until you and your friends get down to the last tortilla chip—that’s when sh*t gets real and friendships are tested! Still worth the risk!

 3.      Hangover-Helper Scramble


Not a morning person? Well, this soyrizo tofu scramble is about to make you one! Every spoonful is filled with spicy goodness. WARNING: You’ll never look at cereal the same way again!

4.      HOT Vegan Tamales!


Tamales are one of the most fun things to eat! The name comes from the Nahuatl word “tamalli,” which means “wrapped” in English, and that’s exactly what they are! Eating tamales is like unwrapping little flavorful gifts one after the other (sometimes too many to count—oops!) Try our roasted chili and corn tamales, or improvise with your own fave ingredients!

5.      Jackfruit Tacos


Did you really think we were going to finish this list without including a mind-blowing taco recipe? Don’t get fooled by the “jackfruit” part … these little fellas are uh-mazing! Cut some limes, chop up some cilantro, and let’s get this fiesta going!

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