I recently saw an article about a 38-year-old vegetarian man who has eaten only pizza every day for the last 25 years. While I’m not saying that I applaud his dietary decision, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t impressed!

vegan pizza

Unfortunately, no one told dedicated pizzatarian Dan Janssen—who reportedly quit eating animals for ethical reasons—that consuming cheese and other dairy products is no better than eating meat. Don’t believe me? Just check out one minute of what actually goes on in the dairy industry.

Dairy cow dehorning image

The great news is that just like every other food, pizza can be made vegan! Vegan pizza is actually way better than “regular” pizza because it can be enjoyed guilt-free. Bonus!

In conclusion: I do not advocate an all-pizza diet, but if I were to survive solely on vegan pizza for the rest of my days, life would be beautiful and delicious, thanks in part to these fine foods:

1. Homemade vegan pizza

Pizza doughPhoto by: cwisnieski | CC by 2.0

2. This pizza from Cruzer Pizza in Los Angeles


3. Daiya frozen pizza

Daiya margherita pizzaDaiya Foods

4. English muffin pizzas

English Muffin Pizzas

5. Amy’s frozen pizza

Amys vegan pizzaAmy

6. This pizza from 3 Brothers Pizza Café in New York

3 Brothers Vegan Pizza3 Brothers Pizza Cafe

7. Pizza rolls

8. This Field Roast Ranch Pizza

Field Roast Ranch Pizza

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