Whether you’re stuffing stockings for Christmas or finding small gifts for Hanukkah or Kwanzaa, this guide is for you. Little gifts of appreciation can sometimes be just the thing to light up someone’s day. These gifts don’t harm animals, and ANYONE would enjoy getting them—even nonvegans!

1. PETA Vegan Holiday Chocolate Box

Because who DOESN’T love chocolate? These decadent and delicious chocolates are made exclusively for PETA by Harbor Candy Shop.


2. Humane Bug Catcher

Complete with a plastic sliding door and safe housing, this device makes transporting insects from your home to the outdoors simple. Added bonus: It’s perfectly sized for a stocking. 


3. peta2 Stickers

Adorable peta2 stickers let you stand up for animals without saying a word.

peta2 stickers


4. A Cat Harness

Meet the most adorable stocking stuffer in the entire world. Know someone with an adventurous cat? Give him or her the gift that’ll keep on giving.


5. peta2 Temporary Knuckle Tattoos

Saving animals one knuckle at a time! This is the perfect small gift for the activist in YOUR life.


6. ‘Vegans Have Heart’ Necklace

Adorable and tiny. Slip it in that stocking, and watch her face light up when she finds it.


7. Holiday Lip Balm

Soy to the world, and happy howlidays!


8. PETA Ties

Perfect for Dad.


9. ‘Adopt’ Kitty Pin

Your cat has been your devoted best friend ever since you rescued him or her. When you can’t take your cat with you, at least you can have this kitty pin, which can be attached to your lapel, backpack, work uniform, work lanyard, or lunch bag. Who knows, it may even give you the chance to talk to someone about the many great cats In shelters who are just waiting for someone to love.


10. peta2 Beanie

Adorable and practical at the same time. 


11. ‘Vegans Are Sweeter’ Mug

Because everything is sweeter when it’s cruelty-free. ♥


Now that you’re an expert at stuffing stockings, become an expert on vegan holiday foods. These food hacks will make cooking easy, and the results will delight your friends and family.