Subscription boxes are all the rage RN, and I’m totally on board with the doorstep delivery trend.

Not familiar with vegan subscription boxes? Let me paint you a picture: You typically pick from a range of vegan snacks or cruelty-free products—or even choose to be surprised with an array of animal-friendly goodies—and a box appears at your door within a couple of days. I know, it sounds like magic, but it’s real—and as your vegan subscription box fairy godmother, I’ll show you the 13 best ones.

Vegan Food

1. Veestro

Veestro’s motto is “Feed your happy”—come on, that’s cute. You choose which plant-based ingredients you want, and a chef creates delicious meals from them. Then, they are delivered to you, and all you have to do is heat them up. Get 20 percent off your first purchase with code 20PETA.

2. Macro-Mediterranean


This Boston-based company focuses on animal-free foods and a macrobiotic diet. Macrobi-what? Macrobiotic meals are designed to improve health while optimizing energy and efficient use of calories—so they’re healthy AF. Plus, Macro-Mediterranean meals are out of this world yummy.

3. Imperfect Produce

Imperfect Produce delivers affordable fruits and veggies to customers by sourcing “ugly” produce. In other words, it buys the oddly shaped or less-than-perfect food items from farms that businesses wouldn’t want. I know, I feel for the veggie outcasts, too.

4. Naturebox

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From dried fruits to Lentil Loops, Naturebox’s vegan snack selection is seemingly endless. Just check the “vegan” box at the left of the webpage to filter out the foods that contain animal parts. Easy as vegan pie.

5. Graze

You select which foods you “like,” “love,” and “want to try,” and Graze chooses a variety of healthy snacks for you.

6. UrthBox

Unlike other subscription box services, UrthBox lets you purchase different size boxes depending on how many plant-based snacks you want. Lulz at whoever thinks I’m not getting the biggest one.

7. Purple Carrot

This meal delivery service sends you premeasured ingredients and step-by-step directions with photos to create your own delicious plant-based meals. It’s entirely idiot-proof.

8. Bestowed

Bestowed focuses on healthy snacks. Relax, I’m not talking only couscous and flax seeds (although it does carry those items, if that’s what you’re into). It also has Gardein Seven Grain Crispy Tenders, so you know that I’m in.

9. Louisville Vegan Jerky Co.

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Did you know that vegan jerky is a thing? Well, it is—and it’s available in a subscription box from Louisville Vegan Jerky Co. Choose from flavors like maple bacon and cherry chipotle. Get 20 percent off its Jerky of the Month Club with code PETA20.

10. Bitchfix

You don’t even have to tell me what’s in the Vegan Bitch Box to make me want it. But each one is filled with an arsenal of chocolaty supplies to help you get through that time of the month. The box includes the signature You Salty Bitch and Rocky Bloat bonbons, Bitch Bark, and more. (Psst, dudes, there’s no judgment for ordering.)

Bath and Body Products

11. Level Naturals

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These organic bath and body products are handmade using the finest natural ingredients (*extends pinky*). Everything, from the shower bombs to the room and body mists, is plant-based and PETA-certified, so you know it’s legit.

12. The Honest Company

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Jessica Alba founded The Honest Company so that people could buy safe products for their families. Each month, you choose five of its more than 65 vegan and cruelty-free personal-care and cleaning products to be delivered to you. That way, you don’t have to contribute to the torture of bunnies while you spring clean!

Products for Dogs

13. V-dog

Since dogs are part of the family, I can’t leave them out of the subscription box fun. V-dog offers super-healthy vegan kibble and treats. To set up a subscription, select the “Subscribe & Save” option when you add an item to your cart and choose how often you’d like to receive the product.
Have you tried any of these subscription boxes? Let us know in the comments!