You can give your search engine a break, wipe the panicky sweat from your brow, and calm it down. We’ve got you covered for every possible dish that Thanksgiving demands from you—no animals harmed, to boot!

Whether you’re hosting your very own vegan Thanksgiving (*standing ovation*), potlucking a Friendsgiving or staying at home with the fam, Thanksgiving tradition demands a feast and animals demand not to be eaten. And this requires simple recipe solutions:

beverage header Pumpkin Smoothie

Halloween Pumpkin Pie Smoothie It’s Thanksgiving morning, and you have a LOT of work to do. Start the day right with a healthy sweet and spicy smoothie … that basically tastes like ice cream. WIN.

Vegan Buttery Beer

buttery beer edited OK, fine, this bevy is recommended year-round but just so happens to taste better when wearing a scarf with fall leaves on the ground. TRUST US.

No-Egg Nog … Neggnog?

holiday beverages drinks
So Delicious Dairy Free Products | Coconut Milk Nog 
If you’re #blessed and have access to So Delicious and Silk brand drinks, you gotta get in on their “seasonal nog” game.

vegan eggnog recipe easy
Cinnamon | Didriks | CC by 2.0 
Don’t worry if you’ve found yourself in a soy-free zip code—be thankful for DIY boasting rights and make it yourself!

appetizers header

Cornbread Muffins

vegan cornbread veggie dog muffins BEWARE: You may stuff your face with these before ever making it to the main meal. Remember: Thanksgiving’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Cranberry ‘Chicken’ Salad

cranberry-chicken-salad When I tell you this is to die for, I mean prepare for loss of consciousness around the dinner table. You have been warned.

Grilled Tofu and Veggie Kabobs

veggie and tofu kabobs Ahem, yeah, these taste out of this world and are healthy and whatnot—but they’re so pretty, you basically can’t Instagram your #foodporn without them on your plate. Always thinking ahead, people.

Sides header

Caramelized Garlic Lemon Broccoli

broccoli in a pan cooking

Broccoli | Cyclonebill | C.C. by-sa 2.0 

#SorryNotSorry, you gotta get your greens in! YES, even on Thanksgiving. Don’t fret—some nooch, lemon, and garlic make broccoli taste like the gift Mother Earth gave us.

‘Cheezy’ Cauliflower Mash Mashed Potatoes

 If you’re anything like me and feel that dessert is a top priority, you’ll want to make sure you can feast on your meal and still have some room left over. Sub cauliflower for potatoes to get the same high of mashed taters without the heaviness of 47 potatoes in your tummy. Shake it up!

Apple Cider Mashed Sweet Potatoes  

cider mashed sweet potatoes pic

Prefer sweet and savory at the same dang time? If you’re a fan of kombucha, you will l♥ve this recipe! #Health

Mom’s Mashed Potatoes

Mom's Mashed Potatoes OMG, fine! Classic mashed potatoes are classic for a reason. Just YUM.

Classic Thanksgiving Stuffing

SFW Pepperidge Farm Stuffing with Hearts Last but not least, the carb-loaded, heartwarming, Thanksgiving-exclusive vegan stuffing. You can find vegan stuffing at your local health-food store, but if you basically live in Pawnee, Indiana, we’ve got you covered with this recipe. Got leftovers?

Main course header Yep, for most Americans, this means carved-up, cooked turkey flesh. But we don’t want dead animals as a centerpiece for anything, let alone to be gnawed on for the sake of tradition. Gross. Luckily, there’s no need to feel left out, thanks to innovative, compassionate companies that make vegan turkey substitutes. Not convinced that turkeys are friends, not food? Check out this adorable blog post!

happy turkey, thanksgiving Don’t know where to find a Tofurky roast? We’ve mapped it out for you here.

Eat-More-Tofurky-Post Not much of a mock-meat fan? Don’t fret. Try these instead:

Sweet Potato Mac and Cheese

vegan sweet potato mac and cheese Because mac and cheese. #ChildForever

Roasted Butternut Squash Soup  

vegan butternut squash soup Don’t be fooled. This soup is a main course type o’ soup. And it’s the color of autumn. ♥

Stuffed Acorn Squash

peta2's Top Seven Vegan Thanksgiving Dishes! Why ON EARTH would anyone shove a hand up a dead bird’s butt when you could stuff an adorable, delicious acorn squash instead? Believe me when I say that stuffing squash with anything will make your guests squee—no bowl required!

Desserts header Pumpkin Pie

pumpkin-pie-1 OK, you’re basically disqualified from Thanksgiving ever again if you don’t show up with a pumpkin pie, but this pie wins at life because no animals had to die for it. #BasicVegan

Double Layer Vegan Pumpkin ‘Cheesecake’

Mindy White Vegan Pumpkin Cheesecake
Vegan Cheesecake | | CC by-SA 2.0 
Take dessert to the next level with PUMPKIN PIE CHEESECAKE. Do I even need to say more? Lolz to the person who thanks vegans for their “sacrifice.” Fooled ya.

Chocolate-Dipped Holiday Cookies

peppermint-cookies-featured OK, the savory part of Thanksgiving is over (i.e., it’s time to make holiday cookies). Right there with you—step aside, Thanksgiving pumpkins, and get me on that peppermint train.

Soy Nog Cupcakes

Soy-Nog-Cupcakes-Recipe-Featured Finish off your Thanksgiving feast the way you started it—in cupcake form. You’re welcome. ♥

Happy Thanksvegan

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