Asian-Heritage Vegan Influencers We Can’t Stop Watching

Vegan living is on the rise everywhere, including in Asia! The Vegan World ranks Phuket, Thailand, which has the most vegan restaurants per capita, as the most vegan-friendly city in the world. According to Truly, 24% of the Indian population is vegan. And according to Petpedia in 2020, “Asian Americans are 47% more likely to follow a plant-based diet than the average American consumer.” 

Here are a few influencers who are changing the face of vegan living with their influential videos: 

Chez Jorge 

“Jorge,” whose real name is George, is a 20-something who took advantage of the pandemic to create a social-media food blog. He grew up in Taiwan but was sent to an international school, which caused him to feel like “the least” Taiwanese person in the room compared to his family and friends. Cooking was a way for him to become closer to his culture. Although he started off his social media accounts as a nonvegan cook, George slowly and surely made the switch to vegan eating—and he’s not looking back.

Vegan Bunny Chef 

Elle loves to cook vegan, colorful, and delicious food. She’s a recipe developer as well as a photographer who loves documenting her food journey. Her delicious recipes use only easy-to-find, natural ingredients, so it’s easy for you to join her in making them. 

Thriving on Plants 

Cherie Tu, based in Sydney, Australia, is a 23-year-old vegan who uses her platform to advocate for a cruelty-free lifestyle. She has a passion for sharing her recipes to help people go vegan. 

Jameson Hsu 

Jameson is a young vegan chef who shares all kinds of recipes, including mouth-watering soups and stir-fries. 

Eat With Kriss 

Kriss is a 17-year-old content creator who has amassed nearly half a million followers on her TikTok account with her tantalizing vegan recipes. She is based in Malaysia and loves creating vegan versions of that country’s traditional dishes. 


Sousada loves creating vegan dishes from Southeast Asia, especially Laos. 

Vuong Nguyen 

Vuong is a young vegan based in Melbourne, Australia. He develops delicious vegan recipes ranging from eggplant rollatini to Vietnamese grilled bread. 

Cheap Lazy Vegan 

Rose was born in South Korea and grew up in Canada. She creates super-helpful vegan content, from meal prep tutorials to mukbang videos, for her nearly 233,000 YouTube subscribers twice a week. She was first introduced to the concept of animal rights in her college philosophy class, and after watching documentaries and reading books, she gradually made the transition to a fully vegan lifestyle. We love her because, just like many of us, it took her a few tries to overcome her bad habit of eating animal-based foods. 

The Viet Vegan 

Lisa Le, a 20-something self-professed feminist and nerd, is Vietnamese Canadian. With videos like “Vegan Japchae” and her “How We Met” mukbang storytime video, she brings her viewers into her everyday life by sharing her favorite recipes, products, and people. When she was 21, she went vegetarian to be healthier, and after volunteering for the Toronto Vegetarian Association, she gradually switched to a vegan lifestyle. 

Sarah’s Vegan Kitchen 

Sarah Sullivan is a 20-something biracial Filipina American vegan YouTuber with more than 78,000 subscribers. She regularly uploads vegan-related content, such as tofu recipes, “What I Ate” vlogs, meal prep tutorials, and grocery store hauls. She also delves into serious topics like mental health, as in her video “Talking About Social Anxiety While Making Dinner.” 


These vegan influencers prove that it’s easy to veganize traditional Asian recipes while also preserving culture. Whether you want to watch someone else make and/or eat tasty food or try out your own recipes, these cooks offer plenty of videos to satisfy, inspire, and entertain you. 

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