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Is this about an animal in danger? Please report cruelty to animals here.

So you spend a good chunk of your time and energy speaking up for animals in desperate need. Real talk: We think you’re a HERO for that, but we know that sometimes it can be tough if you don’t have a great support system or if you’re in an abusive or stressful situation. 

We care about you and the work you do for animals. If you’re having self-harming or suicidal thoughts, we want you to get help. You’re not alone, and you will get through this. Whether it’s for you or a friend, please check out the following resources for help. 

If there’s an immediate threat to your safety and you’re in danger, call 911 (U.S.) or the emergency number for your country.

General Crisis Support 

  • Animal Activist Support Line: This resource offers 24/7 text, e-mail, and chat support to help people like you who help animals. If you’re feeling burned out or isolated, if your family and friends are unsupportive, or if you just need to talk to another animal advocate who “gets it,” this resource can help. 
  • Crisis Text Line: Text HOME to 741741. Trained counselors can discuss anything that’s on your mind. This service is free, available 24/7, and confidential. 
  • Born This Way Foundation: Committed to empowering young people and inspiring bravery, this foundation has resources for dealing with body image issues, bullying, LGBTQ+ questioning, and lots more. 
  • ReachOut: At this site, teens and young adults can find information on mental wellness and other issues, reach out, tell their stories, and voice their opinions “without fear of being judged or being different.”

Depression and Suicide 

  • The Trevor Project: Call 1-866-488-7386 anytime, day or night. The Trevor Project also provides lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning teens with crisis intervention services. 
  • Befrienders Worldwide: Use this site to find a suicide helpline in your country. 

Dating Abuse and Domestic Violence 

Domestic and Family Abuse 

Runaways and Unhoused and At-Risk Young People 

Text peta2 to 30933 for ways to help animals, tips on compassionate living, and more!

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Terms for automated texts/calls from peta2: Text STOP to end, HELP for more info. Msg/data rates may apply. U.S. only.