Vegan food is EVERYWHERE—even in super-popular restaurant chains that are probably in your town! Whether you want to celebrate a meat-free Taco Tuesday or just need a quick midday soy latte boost, we’ve got something for you. Check out the links below for tips on how to order at these popular restaurants:

How to Order Vegan at The Cheesecake Factory

cheesecake factory

© The Cheesecake Factory 

How to Order Vegan at Chipotle

chipotle vegan options

Exterior - Chipotle Mexican Grill | Photo by: Aranami | CC by 2.0 

How to Order Vegan at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Coffee Bean

How to Order Vegan at Dunkin’ Donuts

dunkin donuts

Dunkin Donuts | Mike Mozart | CC BY 2.0 

How to Order Vegan at Olive Garden


How to Order Vegan at Red Robin

red robin

Red Robin | Mike Mozart | CC BY 2.0 

How to Order Vegan at Starbucks


How to Order Vegan at Subway

subway veggie delight sandwich

How to Order Vegan at Taco Bell

taco bell bean taco

How to Order Vegan at Wendy’s

wendy's frywitch

How to Order Vegan at Which Wich

which wich

'Which Wich' Superior Sandwiches -- 928 Main Street Columbia (SC) 2012 | Ron Cogswell | CC BY 2.0 

As you see, vegan options can be found just about anywhere—even at 7-Eleven! You don’t have to sacrifice convenience for compassion.

Need some help ordering a vegan pizza from places like Papa John’s and Pizza Hut? Check out our pizza delivery guide

vegan delivery pizza