You Can Help Animals Used in Laboratories!

If you ended up on this page, chances are you’re currently thinking about all the animals who are being experimented on and how this situation seems so dystopian. Why would anyone think this is OK?  

You aren’t alone in your feelings, and we’ve got some tips on how you can help animals in laboratories through choices you can make in your day-to-day life: 

  • Shop cruelty-free—never purchase products that were tested on animals. 
  • Don’t dissect animals. Every year, over 10 million animals are killed for classroom dissection, even though humane options exist. They’re snatched from their homes in nature or bred in warehouses like this one. Learn what you can do here. E-mail us at [email protected] for free materials to hand out to your teachers and classmates explaining why your school should end cruel dissection practices. 
  • Support the Research Modernization Deal. Urge your members of Congress to support PETA’s Research Modernization Deal and to mandate that the National Institutes of Health stop wasting money and taking lives in cruel and useless experiments and focus on modern, non-animal research methods instead. 
  • Eat vegan! Not only does eating animals take billions of lives, it also makes people sick. Experimenters then use these largely preventable diseases, such as heart disease, as an excuse to conduct cruel and deadly experiments on animals. Companies and the U.S. government also fund experiments to find ways to make factory-farmed animals grow larger faster. 
  • Quit smoking. If you or someone you know is looking for a reason to toss out the vape or cigarettes, know that smoking is hurting more than just your health. Several cigarette and vape companies continue to force animals to undergo experiments in order to develop new cigarettes or e-cigarettes. 
  • Only donate to cruelty-free charities. Sadly, some charities—including the March of Dimes and the American Cancer Society—fund cruel and ineffective experiments that harm animals and take away resources that could be spent on modern, relevant, non-animal research
  • Call out cruelty! Have you noticed any of your favorite influencers promoting products that were tested on animals? Or maybe you’ve seen your school use a brand you know isn’t cruelty-free? The best thing to do is call it out when you see it—leave a comment, send an e-mail, or just have a conversation explaining to the person or administration why they shouldn’t support products that were tested on animals. You could even direct them to a cruelty-free product they can use instead. Check out our database of cruelty-free brands here. ❤️

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