Mission: Tell Us What You’d Rather Do Than Go to SeaWorld

SeaWorld wants you to believe that orcas are happy in tiny tanks, and in fact, it needs you to believe that in order to stay in business.

But what if everyone admitted that orcas deserved better and decided not to spend money on a ticket to the marine park until it stopped confining animals? SeaWorld would have to change.

Orcas at SeaWorld spend their lives frustrated—deprived of adequate space, environmental enrichment, social stability, and the opportunity to engage in natural behavior such as swimming long distances, diving deep, and foraging.

No tank could ever compare to their natural habitat. We know these animals deserve freedom.

Here’s what you can do:

Remind SeaWorld that you’ll never give it your money until it stops exploiting animals! Fill in the [blank] to let us know what you’d rather do than go to SeaWorld:

Post a story, tweet, or thread saying,
“I’d rather [blank] than go to @SeaWorld. #BoycottSeaWorld”

Here are a few examples:

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