Wearing fur and any other animal skin is extremely cruel, and the same goes for down! Down is the soft layer of feathers closest to birds’ skin, mostly in the chest region. Because these feathers do not have quills (the hard, hollow, sharp part at the base of a feather), they are highly valued by manufacturers of down clothing and comforters.

Most down and other feathers are removed from ducks and geese during slaughter. However, birds used for breeding and those raised for meat and foie gras are sometimes plucked repeatedly while they are still ALIVE. It’s impossible to tell whether the down used in the products you buy was obtained from live-plucked birds. 

live plucked goose

Undercover video footage shows employees on goose farms pulling fistfuls of feathers out of live birds, often causing bloody wounds as the animals shriek in terror. The birds are often plucked so hard that their skin is torn OPEN! Workers are often in a hurry, and sew up the wounds using needle and thread and no painkillers. 

Horrible, right?! The best way that you can help is to NEVER buy down! Here are the top five down products to avoid:


Have sweet dreams by using pillows filled with synthetic materials! Every store has a ton of designs to choose from, so you can find one that fits your personality perfectly—and doesn’t come from a tortured goose or duck.

Stack of colorful pillows

Winter Jackets

There’s nothing fashionable about cruelty! Make a compassionate fashion statement by rocking down-free jackets or down-alternatives this winter.


The North Face 


Can you imagine covering yourself with ripped-out hair? No, thank you! Keep your dorm (or room) cruelty-free by purchasing only down-free bedding. Stores like Target and JCPenney have some really great down-alternatives!

Target bedding aisle

Target, Bedding | Mike Mozart | CC by 2.0 

Sleeping bags

We all need something warm to cover ourselves … including ducks! So let ’em keep their feathers and use a down-free sleeping bag instead. With so many warm vegan fabrics out there—including cotton, cotton flannel, polyester fleece, and synthetic shearling—there’s no need to support this cruel industry.

Down free sleeping bag
Coleman sleeping bag | MIKI Yoshihito Follow | CC by 2.0 

Foie Gras

No, we’re not kidding! Producers of foie gras often boost their profits by selling the feathers of force-fed ducks and geese.


These birds already have to endure having tubes rammed down their throats and their stomachs pumped full of so much corn mush that their livers swell to about 10 times their normal size, which is how foie gras is made.

The only way to stop live plucking and ensure that no birds suffer for your clothing or bedding is to choose cruelty-free materials–just check the labels.👍

Check out peta2’s 2016 summer campaign for more ways to help birds and other animals used for clothing.

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