There’s nothing worse than battling the stores on an insane shopping trip just to get home and discover that the coat you bought was made with wool, rabbit hair, or even fur! That’s right—many stores at the mall are selling sweaters, scarves, bags, and other items made with animal skin (YUCK!).

But don’t you worry—peta2 has your back! We’ve set up a super-easy guide to help you shop for cruelty-free clothes and avoid the anger (and creepiness) of buying hair and dead skin.

Always read the label.

Look for cruelty-free fabrics such as cotton, cotton flannel, polyester, and synthetic shearling. It takes only two seconds, and it’ll help you determine if your pick is a fashion must-have or a big no-no. Stay away from items made with wool, angora, rabbit hair, cashmere, pashmina, mohair, camel hair (wtf?), and shearling.

Not sure?

Ask an employee at the store. If that person can’t give you a straight answer, just put the item back on the rack and look it up online when you get home. Still not sure? Just shoot us an e-mail, and we’ll help you out!

Let peta2 be your personal shopper!

We ♥ animals and fashion as much as you do, so it’s no surprise that we have an entire section dedicated to cruelty-free fashion. Check it out to keep up with the hottest (and most compassionate) trends! Oh, and don’t forget our must-have accessory: a peta2 no-fur button or sticker.

Follow our super-simple tips to make sure your wardrobe is as fashionable and compassionate as you are! 🙂

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