How to Be a Vegan Runner

As the second most popular type of workout in the world (behind walking), running is a favorite way to be active for many people around the globe. One of the best ways to stay healthy and strong for those long runs is by going vegan, and it’s easier than you might think! Runners can meet all their nutritional needs with vegan foods and can even find shoes and other running gear made without any animal-derived materials.

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To meet your running goals and prepare for race days, it’s important to give your body proper fuel to keep you going. Think tofu for protein, avocados for healthy fats, and whole grain bread or pasta, brown rice, and beans for complex carbs.

For mid-race energy boosts on long runs and races, try a packet of vegan fruit snacks, dates, or raisins—or try Vega Sport Endurance Gels. They can help give you the energy boost you need to finish strong.

You can even find great vegan options for those not-so-healthy celebratory meals after a race.

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And if you need more inspiration to nix meat, eggs, dairy, and all other animal-derived foods, just take a look at the many professional athletes who are thriving on a vegan diet. Trail runner and 2022 PETA Libby Awards winner Emelie Forsberg said the following in an Instagram post:

“I want to do no harm, I want my 🦶🏻 to be low and I want to inspire to being curious and try to eat more plants!”

Emelie Forsberg

There’s more to being a vegan runner than just eating vegan. You care about animals and want to make compassionate choices that respect them, so it’s important to make sure the equipment you’re buying, like running shoes, is also vegan. There are some great options out there from brands like adidas, Nike, New Balance, ASICS, and Brooks.

You can thrive as a vegan runner! And in addition to saving nearly 200 animals every year, you’ll also be benefiting your own health and helping the planet. Now it’s time to hit the trails and show the world what being a vegan runner is all about.

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