Daniella Monet ♥s Sea Kittens

Posted by  Michelle Feinberg

Nickelodeon star Daniella Monet dives underwater in her gorgeous new ad for peta2, which features her as an enchanting mermaid and urges fans to have empathy for all animals—including the ones who live under the sea—and go vegan!

They may not look as soft and cuddly as other animals who end up on dinner plates, but fish are smart, sensitive animals who feel pain and suffer every bit as much as cows, pigs, chickens, and turkeys who are used for food do. Did you know that fish seek physical contact with other fish and often gently rub against one another?

To me, that sounds just like my cat, who weaves in and out of my legs for attention, which is why I like to think of fish as “sea kittens.” :) Check out more fascinating fish facts!

In her stunning ad, longtime peta2 bestie Daniella Monet asks fans to “try to relate to who’s on your plate.” Think about it! Can you imagine being violently hooked through your skin, torn away from your home, and left to suffocate to death? This is what happens to billions of fish every single year. If you love animals and don’t want to hurt them, extend that compassion to all animals—including fish and other sea creatures.

Share Daniella’s ad on Facebook and Twitter to let your friends know that fish are friends, not food! If you’re ready to start eating a happy, healthy animal-free diet, check out these delish peta2 recipes.

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