Help Animals Earn Points for Exclusive Merch

With the peta2 Rewards Program, you have an opportunity every day to raise awareness for animals, rack up peta2 points, and cash ’em in for exclusive animal rights merch and other rewards.

How does it work?
Step 1

Sign Up!

Our Rewards Program is free to join, and you score your first 10 peta2 points just for signing up. Already have a peta2 Rewards account? Sign in and start earning!
Step 2

Earn Points!

Earn points by signing petitions to help animals, referring a friend to join, checking us out on social media, and speaking up for animals online, at school, and everywhere else you go.
Step 3

Get Rewards!

The more peta2 points you earn, the more perks you unlock. Redeem your points on exclusive merch and accessories only available through peta2 Rewards.
What are the perks?
Start Here
  • free birthday gift
  • access to exclusive peta2 accessories
reach 500 peta2 points
  • free birthday gift
  • access to exclusive peta2 merch
  • a follow from us on TikTok
  • 20% off code for merch on PETA Shop
reach 1,000 peta2 points
  • free birthday gift
  • access to exclusive peta2 merch
  • a follow from us on IG
  • 50% off code for merch on PETA Shop
Easy Ways to Earn Points
  • check us out on TikTok (through the icon on the site) 5 points
  • check us out on Instagram (through the icon on the site) 5 points
  • order peta2 stickers 5 points
  • order the peta2 “guide to going vegan” 5 points
  • join peta2 rewards 10 points
  • sign a petition 10 points
  • complete a peta2 mission 15-25 points
  • complete a survey (coming soon) 25 points
  • celebrate the anniversary of your signup 25 points
  • celebrate your birthday 25 points
  • refer a friend 50 points
Get Rewards
50 points
  • Supporter
‘Adopt! Don’t Shop’ Pin
175 points
  • Advocate
Mushroom Socks
50 points
  • Supporter
‘Everyone Deserves Empathy’ Drink Koozie
175 points
  • Advocate
‘Animals Have Rights!’ Doodles Tumbler
50 points
  • Supporter
‘I’m Not a Nugget’ Holographic Sticker
125 points
  • Advocate
‘Vegan Vibes’ Phone Card Holder
How do I earn more points?

Each week, we’ll add new ways to take action for animals to the “Help Animals” section of Make sure you’re logged in to your account when you sign a petition, complete a mission, etc., so you earn more peta2 points! 

Do my points expire?

Nope! Your points will remain in your account until you use them.

How do I access exclusive merch?

Signing up for peta2 Rewards unlocks “Supporter” mode, which grants you access to exclusive accessories only available through peta2 Rewards. Continue earning points to unlock “Advocate” and then “Champion” mode—these grant you access to even more limited-edition merch items.

How do I refer a friend?

You can access your referral link in “My Account.” Share your unique link with friends, and once they register for the peta2 Rewards Program, you’ll be awarded points! Note: If we suspect that a referral is fraudulent, we may revoke your points and/or terminate your account. Limit of two referrals per week, with a maximum of five referrals total for all time.

How do I see my account details?

Log in and go to “My Account” to see all your account details—point accrual, tier, etc.—and to update your password.

How long will my peta2 Rewards submission take to be approved?

Please allow up to two business days for approval.