Evil Colonel vs. PO'd Chicken

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Have you ever wondered what an all-out rap battle between a pissed-off chicken and an evil Col. Sanders would sound like? Well, the wait is over—thanks to Auto-Tune.

Click each of their names to listen:


Whoa. S!%t just got real.

Think you can do better? Create your own Auto-Tune rap and submit the link for points!



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  • Profile photo of maxi

    1041 days ago

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    how do you record this?

    • Profile photo of

      1039 days ago

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      Hey Max,

      Please follow the directions to complete the mission.

      If you’re still having trouble, e-mail us at peta2@peta2.com.

      ~Rachel S. with peta2!

  • Profile photo of LydiaRawrxP

    1053 days ago

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    Hahahaha, I SO want to do this with my friends!