Raising Money by Stabbing Frogs to Death?!

Posted by  Rachelle Owen

“Gigging” is an especially barbaric form of hunting that involves stabbing small animals through the body with pitchfork-like spears called “gigs.”

Despite a public outcry, a Tennessee Farm Bureau Federation program in DeKalb County is encouraging students and other members of the community to gig up to 15 frogs each as part of its annual “Giggin’ for Grads” fundraiser to benefit one graduating high school senior. The event is scheduled for June 19, so the animals need you to take action TODAY!

Gigged frogs experience extreme pain and terror when stabbed through their sensitive skin, tissues, and organs.

Eventually bleeding out or succumbing to shock or organ failure, these vulnerable animals experience a slow, agonizing death.

Please urge Tennessee Farm Bureau Federation and DeKalb County School District officials to put a stop to this exceedingly inhumane event, and then share this alert with everyone you know! Remind them that there are many ways to raise money that don’t involve cruelty to animals.

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