Rose Parade: Don't Promote SeaWorld Cruelty

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Well, it looks like SeaWorld is at it again.

It’s becoming more and more obvious that the marine park is working some serious overtime to clean up its well-deserved reputation as a prison for dolphins and whales. First, it announced its involvement in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day ParadeNow, it’s planning to also feature a float in the Rose Parade on January 1. 

SeaWorld captivity orcas

With the recent release of the acclaimed documentary Blackfish, more and more people are learning about SeaWorld’s shameful history and about the painful lives of whales who live in the marine park’s small concrete tanks.

Your voice can help send the message that people are NOT OK with keeping intelligent animals in captivity. Together, we can get this float out of the Rose Parade while there is still time so that SeaWorld can’t falsely promote its cruel parks to millions of parade viewers.

Please politely urge the president of the Tournament of Roses Association to cancel plans for a SeaWorld float immediately!

R. Scott Jenkins
President Tournament of Roses Association

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I was disappointed to learn that the Rose Parade will include a SeaWorld float this year. SeaWorld harms animals physically and emotionally and is now recognized by many former trainers and marine animal experts as an inhumane environment for orcas. By partnering with a notably cruel company such as SeaWorld, you will lose the respect of many viewers.

Some animals at SeaWorld were violently ripped from their natural ocean homes and confined to tanks–where they have lived for decades. According to whistleblower tips from trainers, withholding food from animals who refuse to perform is a common training method, and because of the intense boredom and aggression caused by captivity, orcas gnaw on the metal gates and concrete corners of the tanks and damage their teeth.

Please cancel plans for a SeaWorld float at the parade, or you will lose my family’s viewership. Thank you.

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