Take (Not a) Nugget to Prom

Planning on attending prom this year? Well, what better way to make a compassionate statement at the social event of the year than by ditching that tired corsage and taking one of our printable Nuggets with you?

That’s right! Now you can take (Not a) Nugget to prom!

Talk about the perfect date! 😉

peta2 nugget prom mission

Here’s all you gotta do:

peta2 prom nugget missionpeta2 nugget prom missionpeta2 nugget prom mission

Check out these red carpet examples:

peta2 Street Team Take Nugget to Prom Mission example collage

Not going to prom? Don’t sweat it!

You can take a photo with our printable Nugget at one of your end-of-year school parties or grad night, signing yearbooks with your pals, or doing anything else related to the end of school.

peta2 Nugget printout Mission graduation photo peta2 nugget prom mission


  • Take a picture of you and your friends or you and your date holding (Not a) Nugget and submit it below for 1,000 Street Team points!

So, what are you waiting for? Print out your prom Nugget now and get ready to party! 😀


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  • Profile photo of purplefurry

    600 days ago

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    awesome! XD

  • Profile photo of sandhia1

    1319 days ago

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    haha! Cuuuute!:):)

  • Profile photo of AJor5dan

    1334 days ago

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    Awesome Idea guys!

  • Profile photo of LittleLotte

    1341 days ago

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    Slow dancing (Not a) Nugget! Soooo cute!! 🙂