Tell Groupon: Show Love for Elephants!

This achievement is no longer active. Please check out the Take Action page for more activities to help animals.

Elephants who are forced to perform in the circus are confined, whipped, and beaten for each show.

circus elephants Groupon promotes

It takes just one look at the pictures provided to PETA by a former Ringling elephant trainer to see the terror in the baby elephants’ eyes as they are surrounded by screaming handlers, who slam them to the ground, beat them, and break their spirits so that they will perform meaningless tricks under the big top. Unfortunately, even after learning about this history of abuse, Groupon continues to promote animal-based circuses through deals on its website.

Groupon offers deals for cruel circuses across the country. 

Don’t buy Groupon deals, and let the company know why! Please contact Groupon and urge the company to stop promoting cruel circuses.

Please send polite comments to:

Andrew Mason
CEO Groupon, Inc.

Julie Mossler
Director of Communications, Groupon, Inc.

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