Tell Your Friends: Rooster Feather Extensions Are CRUEL!

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Shopping should be fun, not deadly, right? Haven’t we talked about this before?

Let’s face it—we all have some clueless friends. School hallways are a perfect place to spread the word for animals. When it comes to rooster feather extensions, tell your friends and classmates (including anyone who wears these!) that these products are cruel. Print out this leaflet to help you:

Speaks for itself, right? Submit a photo of yourself and your leaflets for points!



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    1054 days ago

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    Luckily I never got the perminate ones or three months ones. Just borrowed my sister clip AND NEVER WANT TO AGAIN!!!!!!

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    1054 days ago

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    Its discusting I used to have uggs, I gave them away and NEVER EVEr want to see them. After hearing how their made I almost cried. I felt so bad when I found out my clip feathers were REAL! Ahhh, you do not know how bad i felt. luckily they weren’t mine. NEVER WEARING ANIMAL AGAIN!!!!!! Please forgive me…. and help stop the making of animals fur, feathers, etc.