Will You Help Nosey?

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Infamous exhibitor Hugo “Tommy” Liebel and his Liebel Circus currently face nearly three dozen charges for violations of the Animal Welfare Act.

The violations include repeatedly chaining Nosey the elephant so tightly that she could barely move.


UniverSoul Circus has been teaming up with Liebel and forcing Nosey to perform in UniverSoul shows this year even though Liebel has neglected to provide Nosey with proper veterinary care for her chronic skin condition for decades.

Multiple venues have canceled arrangements with Liebel in the past because of his clear record of abuse and neglect of Nosey. Please urge UniverSoul CEO Cedric Walker to join these compassionate venues by making the decision not to support Liebel’s cruelty to animals and pledging never to use Nosey again.

Send polite comments to:

Cedric Walker, CEO
UniverSoul Circus

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